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Polystyrene Display Heads

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Polystyrene display heads are a great and cost effective way of displaying hats, jewellery and other accessories as part of your wider retail displays, whether you choose to position them in your window displays, among your products on shelves or suspended around the shop as decorative pieces. Hats, headgear, glasses and other accessories can look infinitely better when displayed on our simple polystyrene heads, as they provide a realistic view which helps customers imagine the products in use and encourages them to engage and make a purchase.

As a more affordable alternative to our premium display items such as our fibreglass, glass and plastic heads, polystyrene heads still add a great deal of value to your displays and can look excellent when placed carefully. Not only that, they are made in the UK with high quality materials, designed to be lightweight and durable as well as realistic looking. All our polystyrene heads to choose from offer different benefits that will make them a worthy addition to any retail display, plus you can find everything else you need right here at Valentino’s Displays.