Printed Coat Hangers - Truffle Shuffle

Truffle Shuffle

For many years, we’ve been the shop for shops hangers, and when it comes to customised coat hangers, we’ve got reams of delighted customers ready to attest to our expertise in this discipline. So, when retro enthusiasts decided to order customized wooden hangers for their t-shirt and gift business, we knew we were the right team for the job.

‘But first you gotta do the Truffle Shuffle…’

Our client

If you’re old enough to remember the origins of this company’s name, you’ll surely love their products. Named after a memorable dance scene in the cult ‘Goonies’ film, Truffle Shuffle specialise in everything 80’s, supplying retro clothing, old school gifts, movie inspired homewares and much, much more.

Our customer's goal

Truffle Shuffle wanted a stock of a few hundred branded hangers for taking to events, sending out with orders and for displaying their stock beautifully in store. They wanted white, wooden customised coat hangers emblazoned with their eye-catching three-colour logo, and they needed several hundred printed and supplied in short order.

Our approach

Taking a standard white wooden wishbone hanger, we started the planning process to get this artwork done. Our client had been kind enough to provide us with their three-colour logo and the pantone numbers for the inks, so we had everything we needed to get started. We had to think about:

  • Inks: We wanted the inks to be vibrant, bold and not to bleed or leech onto the white painted hanger. We selected some of the highest quality inks we could find to ensure a superb finish on these personalized wooden hangers.
  • Print process: We tend to use PAD printing for customized wooden hangers, because it ensures the inks are fully cured in place, and won’t rub off onto garments or hands.
  • Time management: Our client wanted several hundred personalized wooden hangers printed and delivered in just a few days, so we had to work at maximum efficiency to ensure we could meet their tight deadline.

We set to work, and shipped out the order in plenty of time for our client.

The end results

These hangers look incredible. The three-colour logo simply pops on the plain white background, and our client was delighted with how they turned out. We enjoyed working on this project for this fun small business, and are looking forward to shuffling on to the next order when they need more customised coat hangers supplied.

If you want to work with the shop for shops hangers, we’re always at the end of the phone for you. Our team can create some beautiful custom hangers for your business, helping you display your products in the very best way.