Shop Fitting Information

Slat-wall Panels

Slat wall panels can be purchased in sheets already cut to the following sizes; 4' x 4' or 8' x 4' however bespoke sizes can be made to your display requirements should your sizes not meet the standard sizes. Please contact us in regards to this if you require further information. Slatwall panels are an economical way to display. These are as standard in a portrait orientation; cut with equal borders to take inserts and have slots at 100mm pitch (other sizes available if you need the slots closer or wider apart). Available in a wide range of finishes, whether you need cream or aluminium then Valentino's Displays has an excellent product range for slatwall panels and its accessories. Slatwall is a piece of MDF with a melamine finish to the front with horizontal slots across. Once its in place you can decide what products you are going to use, but this is dependent on how you wish to display your products.

Remember boards weigh in excess of 20kg each so please be sure you have extra hands in aiding to move these boards into position. The easiest way we tell our customers to fit these boards is before you put any inserts into the horizontal slots and when the boards are in place you want to drill through the slots e.g. backing of the slatwall board, ensure you have drilled an equal proportion from one side to another. You can never be to safe with the amount of screws you want to use to hold the board up so the more the better remember these are heavy without products on so when you have retail fixtures and fittings on as well these will get heavier so ensure you have drilled enough holes to support the board. When the board is up then you can use the inserts in the horizontal slots to cover up the screws so you won't see them and then that is that and you have a professional looking job using slatted wall panels.

Chrome Grids & Grid-wall

Chrome Grid, Chrome Grids or Gridwall which ever way you wish to call it is an effective and cost effective way to make a retail display. Generally used for merchandising and can be freestanding if bought with T legs or wall mounted using wall brackets. The Grid has squares of 3 inches by 3 inches. All grids are 2 ft wide and vary in height from 4ft to 8ft. They can be used in either a portrait or landscape position and because of this means the system in general is versatile and can be changed if needed.

Available with a range of accessories to merchandise from with a large selection of display arms, shelves and baskets to suit your display needs. If using these with T legs then you will be up and running in minutes as self assemble is simple. If using the chrome grids with wall brackets then the wall brackets will need to be positioned correctly, holes will need to be marked within the bracket (4) and then drill through the wall and affix the bracket using 4 screws. We recommend one bracket in each corner of the grid. When the brackets are fixed the grid can then be attached.

Clothes Hangers & Coat Hangers

Hangers are great for keeping clothing off the floor, but they can protect your clothes from damage as well. Different types of the hanger are used for different purposes. For example, metal or wire hangers are great for everyday use, but you should not use metal or wire hangers to hang damp clothing up to dry. The wire can rust and leave stains on your clothing. Instead, you would probably choose plastic, or coated wire hangers, which are treated with a vinyl coating to protect your garments; some even have a non-slip surface to keep delicate items from sliding off the hanger. Hangers with wire hooks and wooden bodies are usually used for hanging more substantial items such as trousers, jackets, or suits. There are hangers that come with a clip on each end that are perfect for hanging skirts or trousers. This style can also be used for hanging strapless items. Padded hangers are perfect for hanging delicate clothing or lingerie. Usually covered in satin or velvet.

There are even specially designed hangers for ties, scarves, belts and other accessories. Tie hangers are usually constructed from wood with several clips lined up across the lower rung so ties can be hung up easily. Belt hangers are similar in design, with hooks instead of clips, to help keep belts in place. Child hangers are available in metal and wire, coated wire, wood, or plastic, and they are designed especially for hanging smaller garments. They come in many colours, and using different colours is a great way to help children learn how to sort their clothes. For example, red can be used for short-sleeved shorts, while blue might indicate long sleeves or jumpers. With the product range of hangers being so vast the price varies, some hangers are sold individually and some by the box quantity. There are substantial discounts on larger quantities of retail quality hangers.


Whatever the weather, our range of pavement signs offers an imaginative way of displaying your banner, poster or graphic, rain or shine. From high street to side street, from pavement to shopping centre our outdoor range comprises of; swing signs, chalk boards, A Boards and forecourt signage. A pavement sign also known as a sidewalk sign, chalk board, swing sign or pavement signage is ideal for use in retail or hospitality industries. Made from different materials, an important factor when purchasing a pavement sign is the location its going to be used e.g. indoor or outdoor or will it be used where you experience heavy wind by the sea? These vary in size and weight. They are also now available where you can get heavy based wheeled options that the base can be filled in with sand or water to ensure the size will not move in weather conditions. These sandwich boards assemble in minutes and are a great advertising tool to catch customers passing by.

Mannequins, Busts and Body Forms

If you can't find the right Mannequin / Mannequins / Busts / Tailors Dummies / Dressmakers Mannequin or Display Body Forms for your requirements then please do not hesitate to contact us as the website only contains a sample of what we can offer our customers. Valentino's are able to offer different postures and colours to meet your display requirements, we will not let you down and have manufactured a range of products to suit our clients requirements. Whether you are looking for male, female or child mannequins Valentino's has a mannequin for you. These are available in abstract, facial features, headless or flexible. We also have a great range of sports mannequins all in various poses. Standard colours tend to be white, fleshtone, black or silver however we are able to respray these any colours you wish. Some customers have had these manufactured in their corporate colours to fulfill their retail display requirements.

Heavy Duty Clothes Rails

Valentino's offers a wide range of Retail Quality UK Made Clothes Rails, Garment Rails, Hanging Racks, Circular Rails, Spiral Rails, Merchandising Feature Rails & Storage racks that are built to last. Quick Assembly, available in a choice of widths and colours with a wide range of accessories available. Large stocks are available with immediate dispatch. These clothing rails are as strong as they come and are supplied to retail companies for retail use so they need to be heavy duty to take the demands of a retail environment.

Hanging racks are one of many products Valentino's specialise in. Please don't be fooled in cheaper alternatives these are likely to be cheap imports that are boxed up and are in many pieces to assemble not only that but they are not made from UK steel so they will collapse the minute you add weight to them.
 Our clothes rails are made from 4 pieces you will have; a pair of sides, 1 top bar & 1 bottom bar. The top bar of the clothes rail is oval shaped to hold significant weight. They are available in sizes from 3ft wide to 6ft wide and as standard are 5ft high unless you decide to go for a junior clothes rail which are 4ft high by 4ft wide. Standard colours are black, chrome and white. These clothing rails are excellent as a storage solution whether its for temporary or permanent use. These are a cheaper alternative to wardrobes and we are seeing sales are increasing as customers are finding them a cheap option in comparison to a wardrobe. We also have a range of shoe displays again if customers are looking for additional storage for their footwear.