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Small Dog Mannequin - 77621

It can be difficult to effectively display puppy clothing and accessories, but our small dog mannequin is a great prop for pet-based businesses, allowing your customers to see the items before taking them home for their own pets.

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This extremely well-crafted dog clothing mannequin stands just 35cm tall, making it perfect puppy size. He has weights in his feet, to ensure he stands still and sturdy on your display for dogs’ accessories and he is made to order so that you can choose the fabric and colour of your pup. He also makes a lovely gift for any dog fan.


  • Height - 35cm
  • Neck - 25cm
  • Chest - 36cm
  • Waist - 33cm
  • Neck to tail - 16cm
  • Body length - 35cm
Please note that some measurements may vary due to fabric stretch.

Made out of quality 100 % cotton Fabric.