Custom Mannequin Manufacturers

When a leading sports retailer needed to buy fitness mannequins, they knew they needed an expert to help. Our client had heard that for sports mannequins UK businesses can trust Valentino’s Displays to create amazing products, and to tight deadlines too. Here’s what happened when we worked to create these products for them:

Our client

This sporting goods retailer is a high street presence in many towns and cities around the UK. Selling items including sporting apparel from leading brands through to sports shoes and equipment, they understand how important a strong brand presence is to their business.

Our customer’s goal

Our client wanted to invest in something better than the usual cheap mannequins, and had some very definite ideas about what they wanted to achieve. Their sports mannequin display needed to feature both male and female sports mannequins, and to feature a range of poses to give them flexibility with their in-store displays. They specifically requested a matt black colour, in keeping with their brand and style.

Our approach

We knew that these needed to be a cut about the cheap mannequins often seen in stores, so we had to thoroughly plan our process to deliver something really special for them:

  • Pose: They wanted a range of poses to give them flexibility in their display, so we picked a variety of football mannequins, some female sports mannequins, various runner mannequin styles and others.
  • Colour: They wanted their mannequins supplied in matt black. Although our sporting goods mannequins are usually supplied in matt white, we were able to powder coat these models in the selected colour, giving them an elegant, modern appeal.
  • Delivery: Our client wanted delivery of sports mannequins UK wide and to a number of different stores. Thanks to our good relationship with our courier company, we were able to meet this demand without an issue and in an affordable manner.

Our team set to work creating these gorgeous sports mannequins, checking at every stage for quality, and working fast to meet our client’s very tight deadline.

The end results

We think these sporting goods mannequins look amazing. The matt black colour really offsets the sports apparel beautifully, and with a range of poses available, our client has plenty of options for their sports mannequin display. We shipped these sports mannequins UK wide to a number of their stores, sticking to their rather tight deadline too.

Our client was delighted as well, commenting:

"Well done to you and your team for knocking it out at such short notice. I really appreciate it! Really happy with the mannequins, they came out great!”

If you’re looking to buy fitness mannequins, we have a great range available. From runner mannequin styles to football mannequins, you’ll find the perfect athletic mannequins for sale on our site. Made from high quality fibreglass, you can choose your colour and pose to suit your display. If you can’t find the right athletic mannequins for sale on our site, talk to our team as we are often able to manufacture a unique design just for you. Call today for a free quote.