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Standard Dog Mannequin - 77618

Uniting dog lovers everywhere, our standard realistic dog mannequins are a wonderful gift for those who just love their pooches, whatever shape and size they may be. This particular shape is also a great fit for pet-based businesses since the elongated stomach area makes the perfect accessory holder.

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Available in a range of fabrics, including wool, cotton and silk, our bespoke dog display mannequin is made to order and complete with weights in the legs to ensure he always stays still when told. With his cute floppy ears and erect tail, this adorable pup is ready for anything.



  • Height - 56cm
  • Neck - 37cm
  • Chest - 53cm
  • Waist - 48cm
  • Neck to tail - 25cm
  • Body length - 52cm

Please note that some measurements may vary due to fabric stretch. Made out of quality 100 % cotton fabric. This dog has weights in its legs so it stands stable. A very solid product.