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Step Ladders

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Safety first with our quality step ladders for sale

Sometimes, it is essential that retail staff are able to reach stock that has been placed high up in the warehouse or stock room. A step ladder is the obvious solution to accessing the highest shelves but the idea of balancing on a rickety platform can be unnerving to some. When purchasing an industrial step ladder from Valentino’s Displays, you can be confident in the knowledge that our products have been made with safety and security in mind and are built to carry heavy weights.

Choose from a wide range of cheap step ladders

Choosing the right step ladder for the job is an important task. A ladder that is too tall for a space will be an annoyance, while one that is too small just won’t allow anyone to reach the highest shelves. That is why we have a huge range of different sizes, to ensure everyone is able to purchase the aluminum step ladder they need.

  • 2 Step Ladder: Our smallest design, these ladders are ideal for everyday use. We have two mini step ladder styles, one which doubles up as a seat and has its highest step at 440mm, and the other which comes up to 480mm. Both fold up for easy storage.
  • 3 Step Ladder: Choose from our folded design with a top step that comes up to 660mm, or our collapsible platform step ladder that comes up to 616mm.
  • 4 Step Ladder: The tallest ladder we offer online in our folded designs, the top step comes up to 880mm. Our collapsible safety step ladder has a top level of 828mm.
  • 5 Step Ladder: This safety step ladder has a top platform of 1041mm.
  • 6 Step Ladder: If you need a top platform height of around 1253mm, this is the right step ladder for you.
  • 7 Step Ladder: The highest step on this tall step ladder is 1465mm.
  • 8 Step Ladder: The tallest of our large step ladders, this offers extra height of 1677mm.

Buy step ladder designs that will serve your business

We work hard to provide the highest quality products for our customers. Each safety step ladder is made of the best aluminum material, chosen for its strength and durability, ensuring that these ladders last for many years of trading. It is also an incredibly lightweight material, allowing for easy movement around the warehouse – perfect if you need to collect lots of stock from different areas of the room. All our ladders have handles for extra support and conform to the appropriate safety regulations, so you can feel safe when climbing to the top.

The best place to go for your collapsible step ladder needs, we create products that are exclusive to our business and offer unrivalled value for money.

Valentino’s Displays offer the best step ladder options

We believe our range is varied enough to meet most requirements, but if you need a foldable step ladder that is slightly different to what we currently offer, let us know. We are unique in our ability to source custom orders, so that all our clients are completely satisfied with their purchase.

Whether you need a small step ladder made of a different material, or a folding step ladder that is taller than anything you can see on our website, feel free to contact us with your request. We are proud to offer free delivery on all orders over £100, so make sure to check out all our other retail items. Don’t forget to ask us about our wholesale discounts too!