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White Wooden Hangers

White Wooden Coat Hangers

Get your white wooden hangers printed with logo

If you want your clothing store or retail space to be taken seriously, you need to make it clear that you mean business. And while there’s always a time and a place for bargain-basement plastic garment hangers, there’s so much more to be said for our stunning white wooden coat hangers.

We’re of the impression that if you make all possible efforts to display your clothing in style, you stand a much greater chance of closing the sale. Ask yourself – when was the last time you visited an exclusive boutique store in which each of the exquisite dresses in the display was hung from a cheap black coat hanger clearly ‘borrowed’ from a different brand or store? It just doesn’t happen – it’s more likely you’ll see the uniform use of high-quality white wooden coat hangers which are not only good for the aesthetic of the store, they’re also kinder to the clothes on display.

Thin, misshapen and sharp-edge hangers have the very real potential to cause irreparable damage to the items of clothing they’re supposed to be showcasing. And even where the damage or defects may be minimal, they’ll be more than sufficient to turn shoppers off in a big way.

White wooden coat hangers add a touch of elegance, sophistication and professionalism to any shop floor – guaranteed. They are in many respects one of the most affordable refurbishment tools a clothing retailer can invest in to create a whole new dynamic across every area of the store. Whether it’s to brighten up the existing clothes rails or to complement a new installation of crisp white dress racks, it’s impossible not to notice and appreciate the difference.

We source our white wooden coat hangers from the UK’s most reputable and responsible manufacturers, ensuring you and your store products of the highest quality and lowest prices.

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