Personalised Wooden Hangers - LOGUE

LOGUE London

When a cutting-edge fashion designer launched a new brand on the highly competitive streets of London, they knew that rapidly securing brand recognition was crucial. Alongside developing their marketing strategies, they needed some branded coathanger products to support their in-store displays. They approached the experts in custom displays at Valentino’s to fulfil their requirements; here’s how we got on:

Our client

Launched in 2012, Logue London are a stylish modern brand with a traditional twist, specialising in desirable work attire and stylish smart pieces. Their signature shirt dresses and pops of colour have made them a popular name with the fashionistas of the capital, putting them firmly at the heart of luxurious, contemporary ladieswear.

Our customer’s goal

With brand recognition all important to this fashion designer company, they approached us to develop some bespoke wood hanger products for display in their store. They wanted white coat hangers to be printed up with their uniquely coloured logo, and needed a solution that would accommodate all of the Logue London range.

Our approach

We had to plan well for this high-end designer brand, so set to work putting together a solution that ticked all their boxes. We considered:

  • Materials: Logue London had specified white coat hangers to blend in with their store, and to show off their logo at its best. We decided to work with white wooden coat hangers, as they provide a higher quality finish and better durability than plastic.
  • Colours: Once we’d chosen our white wooden hangers, we turned our attention to their logo. The supplied artwork was in an aqua blue colour, which we had to develop as a bespoke ink colour, PMS 3105.
  • Style: As a ladieswear brand, our client needed wooden clothes hangers which would accommodate all the pieces in their range, including tops, jackets, skirts and dresses. To fit their needs, we split the order between top hangers and clip hangers, to make it easy for them to display everything they sold in store.
  • Printing: When we create our bespoke wood hanger products, we use a PAD printing process to ensure the logo is effectively replicated on the three-dimensional surface of the hanger. We also test the ink for colourfastness at every stage, so that there is no risk of the colour transferring to the garments.

We checked every single one of these white wooden hangers to ensure the print was perfect and the quality to our meticulous standards. The order was shipped to their London store in plenty of time for their deadline.

The end results

We love these white wooden hangers with their rich blue logo. Producing a bespoke ink for this customer was no mean feat, but it was absolutely worth it in terms of the end result. The client was delighted with how their order turned out, and thrilled with our speed of turnaround and competitive pricing too.

If you’re looking to customise white wooden coat hangers for your business, our experts in custom displays at Valentino’s are here to help. We supply plastic and wooden clothes hangers, in a wide range of colours, and you can have your logo printed or even engraved onto the surface. If you’re ready to take your displays to the next level, just get in touch for a free quote and expert advice from our team.