15x40 Poster Sleeves (5) 89026
15x40 Poster Sleeves (5)89026
£124.75 +VAT
15x40 Poster Sleeves (10) 89027
15x40 Poster Sleeves (10)89027
£210.00 +VAT
15x40 Poster Sleeves (15) 89009
15x40 Poster Sleeves (15)89009
£277.50 +VAT
Whether you’re in the business of selling art prints, or would simply like a better way to display or store your own investments, our plastic protector sleeves are a great choice. Designed by us, manufactured in the UK and supplied with our exceptional customer service as standard, you can’t go wrong when you decide to buy poster sleeves from us.

These 15 x 40-inch premium poster display sleeves are perfect for housing wide landscape or tall portrait prints, or can be used to accommodate several smaller prints, photos or posters in a convenient manner. If these dimensions are not quite what you need, look through our full range of plastic protector sleeves to find your perfect product.

How to buy poster sleeves

When you need to buy poster sleeves, it’s important to get it right. Although your investment in poster display sleeves might not seem significant, the job these plastic protector sleeves do is crucial. Whether you’re a collector, a retailer, and enthusiast or just love art, make sure you buy poster sleeves that are up to the job of protecting your wonderful prints. Here’s how:

  • Measure and select your size: Take the measurements of your largest print, and allow a little bit of room for manoeuvre. Look for the size that offers enough space for your largest print, and bear in mind smaller prints could be stored or displayed side by side if necessary.
  • Choose your options: Our hard plastic art sleeves come in both regular and premium versions. The premium version steps it up a gear in terms of quality, featuring metal corner protectors, a higher quality 175-micron film and options for the colour of the fabric backing.
  • Choose your quantity: When deciding how many to order, consider your future needs as well as your immediate requirements. Think about how much space you have for storage, and remember; our hard plastic art sleeves are double sided, so you can store twice as much in the same space.

Once you’ve decided which poster display sleeves are right for you, simply place your order and we’ll get to work in preparing it for you. You can choose free shipping if your total order exceeds £100, or select from a number of great value delivery options to suit your timescales. We always aim to meet or exceed our delivery promise, so buy with confidence that we won’t let you down.

Not sure which plastic protector sleeves you need?

If you’re confused by the number of options available to you and don’t really know what to choose, we’re here to help. Our team of expert display professionals are just at the end of the phone, to offer advice and guidance on all our poster display sleeves as well as any other products you’re considering.

Because we manufacture our own products, we are at liberty to create anything we require. This means, for you, if you can’t find the right hard plastic art sleeves for your needs advertised on our site, we can create a bespoke product just for you. Whether you need something super small, extra-large or with unusual dimensions, talk to our team about a custom order and we’ll be happy to help.

Extraordinary archival quality with our 15x40 poster display sleeves

We’ve worked hard to develop a product that is superior to anything else on the market. All our hard plastic art sleeves are manufactured to archival quality standards, so that you can trust in our brand and products for years to come.

For example, we ensure none of our poster display sleeves have PVC or other plasticisers in the materials. This is because these products start to degrade over time, and can react with the contents of the plastic protector sleeves to create an acid. This acid will cause the poster display sleeves themselves to yellow, to become cloudy or brittle, and can even cause damage to the artwork inside.

Call our friendly team today about our print storage solutions!


As well as this, our products themselves are pH neutral, and have anti-static properties, making them suitable for storing LPs and data discs safely too. When you need to buy poster sleeves for your business, nobody comes close to Valentino’s Displays. Call us now to find out more.