22x30 Poster Sleeves (5) 89015
22x30 Poster Sleeves (5)89015
£125.00 +VAT
22x30 Poster Sleeves (10) 89016
22x30 Poster Sleeves (10)89016
£235.00 +VAT
22x30 Poster Sleeves (15) 89003
22x30 Poster Sleeves (15)89003
£307.50 +VAT
When you need reliable, well-made protection for your art prints, our protective plastic sleeves from our premium range really do go the extra mile. Failsafe protection against creasing, tearing, discolouring and damage, in poster plastic sleeves that look great too.

Our premium poster sleeves are popular with both retailers selling display items, and with those who have invested in art and want to keep it perfect. For archiving or storage of art, photographs or print a poster style materials, these protective plastic sleeves are a great option too. Made in the UK and sold with our inimitable high standards of customer service, you can’t go wrong when you choose Valentino’s Displays.

Why not just buy a cheap poster sleeve?

You might be wondering if there is any difference between the cheapest poster sleeves and our premium ones. After all, if you can get a product for less money that does the same job, why not? Well, there are some crucial differences between our products and very cheap poster sleeve products, which might just influence your decision:

  • Acid: Very cheap poster sleeve products will often contain acid. This means they will yellow over time, and could stain or damage your artwork inside.
  • pH: All our protective plastic sleeves are pH neutral, which means a neutral, safe environment when you print a poster and store it inside.
  • Plasticisers: We don’t use any plasticisers in our poster plastic sleeves, as these can start to degrade and produce acid, which could damage your prints.
  • Static: We know that many of our customers like to use our products to store LP’s as well as art. Static can damage the contents of an LP, which is why all our protective plastic sleeves come with anti-static properties.

If you thought all plastic poster sleeves were the same, think again. We’ve worked hard to manufacture a product which is superior in every way to its competitors, offering great value for money and high-quality standards you really can trust.

Ordering your 22x30 protective plastic sleeves from us

After you print a poster or buy an art print, you’ll need to think about storage for keeping it safe. Ordering poster plastic sleeves from us is easy; simply measure your print and select the right size and standard for your needs. Our premium sleeves come with the added inclusion of a choice of fabric sleeve colours, and metal panel corners in either gold or silver finish.

These 22 x 30-inch plastic sleeves are just one of many sizes we offer in our range. If you need something larger, smaller or with different dimensions, just take a look at our full complement of products and options, and discover your perfect cheap poster sleeve. Maybe you need something special that’s not readily available in the marketplace? Talk to us, because we’re always happy to make something bespoke that’s just what you need.

Don’t just print a poster; keep it beautiful with us!

We guarantee your posters will never have looked better than when they’ve been housed in our protective plastic sleeves. Why spoil your investment in a beautiful thing by plopping it in a cheap poster sleeve that won’t protect it from damage? Choose to invest in the best, with our meticulously manufactured premium poster sleeves, perfect for display, storage, archiving and more.

Heavy-duty transparent browser sleeves with express UK delivery


All our products can be shipped free within the UK or orders of £100 or over. If you need your items in a hurry, ask us about our express delivery options. For overseas shipping, contact us for a quote. Great display materials have never looked better than with Valentino’s Displays.