43x60 Poster Sleeves (5) 89043
43x60 Poster Sleeves (5)89043
£275.00 +VAT
43x60 Poster Sleeves (10) 89044
43x60 Poster Sleeves (10)89044
£480.00 +VAT
43x60 Poster Sleeves (15) 89045
43x60 Poster Sleeves (15)89045
£682.50 +VAT
Investing in art prints for your business is a fairly costly outlay. As much as they help to finish the look of your office or retail space, the last thing you want is for them to become dirty, damaged or faded over time. For this reason, we highly recommend storing your artworks and prints in poster protector sleeves, such as these 43 x 60-inch premium plastic sleeves here.

Of course, if you work at the other end of the process, displaying prints for sale in your shop, your need for safe, effective storage and display is even greater. Having posters, prints or artworks on display, whether in floor based browser stands or on wall mounted displays, means your stock is subjected to a fair amount of wear and tear, and requires robust protection from dirt, damage and discolouration. Our cellophane sleeve for artwork offer everything you need.

What to look for in plastic art display sleeves

As the experts in the display field, you can be confident that we’ve designed and manufactured our plastic sleeves for art to be the very best in class. These are just some of the features we’ve built in, which will help you compare our products with other plastic art display sleeves and discover why ours are superior.

  • Archival quality: We adhere to archival quality standards for all our poster protector sleeves, which means you won’t be let down by our products.
  • Acid free: Acid can damage prints, so we make sure all our cellophane sleeves for artwork are pH neutral, and won’t degrade over time.
  • Robust construction: Bending and creasing is an art owner’s worst nightmare. For this reason, our plastic sleeves for art include a 2mm strong central board, designed to protect against impact, squashing and creasing.
  • Corner protection: The corners are often the first thing to go, particularly when there is a lot of wear and tear on the plastic art display sleeves. For this reason, our premium poster protector sleeves come with metal corner protectors in your choice of silver or gold.
  • Crystal clear viewing: Of course, the best thing about cellophane sleeves for artwork is enjoying what you have stored inside. Good poster protector sleeves need high quality film, such as the 175-micron film on our products, offering crystal clear viewing of the contents and no chance of yellowing or clouding over time.

When you need to buy clear sleeves for art prints, there is no better product to tick all these boxes than the premium sleeves from Valentino’s Displays.

How to buy clear sleeves for art prints

To purchase your perfect poster protector sleeves, simply measure your prints and choose the next nearest, but largest size from our extensive range. For our premium range, choose the colour of corner protector you’d like, as well as selecting a colour option for the fabric backing. Our cellophane sleeves for artwork are sold in quantities of five, 10 or 15 units, but when deciding how many you need, remember they are double sided therefore can hold up to two prints each.

If, for any reason, you can’t find the right product on our site or don’t know what you need, give our friendly team a call. Because we have our own manufacturing facilities, we could produce a custom order for you, based on your specific requirements. If you need a particular colour, size or shape that you’re struggling to find a source, talk to us first for expert assistance.

Looking for 43x60 cheap plastic sleeves for art?

The old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly rings true, so our products might not be the absolutely cheapest plastic sleeves on the market. However, we’ve worked hard to keep our prices as low as possible, so that you can enjoy premium quality without breaking the bank.

As much as you might be tempted to buy clear sleeves for art prints which undercut ours by a smidge, ask yourself what the ongoing cost may well be. Cheap cellophane sleeves for artwork tend to contain plasticisers, which can react with the contents and start to degrade over time. This causes the plastic sleeves to become brittle and prone to breaking, but that’s not the worst thing. In the process of degradation, they can produce an acid, which can cause yellowing of your art prints and even physical damage.

Exceptional value for money on our UK movie poster sleeves


When you buy clear sleeves for art from Valentino’s, not only will they last and last, they’ll also stand the test of time when it comes to protecting your prints. All our products are available with competitively priced shipping options too, and free delivery if your total order exceeds £100. When you consider this, alongside our inimitable excellence in customer service, it’s clear that we offer exceptional value for money.

Order your plastic poster protectors today, and see just how good our products really are.