Slat Panel White Beech 4ft X 4ft 35105
Slat Panel White Beech 4ft X 4ft35105
£49.95 +VAT
Slat Panel White Finish 4ft X 4ft 35102
Slat Panel White Finish 4ft X 4ft35102
£39.95 +VAT
Slat Panel Cream Finish 4ft X 4ft 35103
Slat Panel Cream Finish 4ft X 4ft35103
£39.95 +VAT
Slat Panel Grey Finish 4ft X 4ft 35104
Slat Panel Grey Finish 4ft X 4ft35104
£39.95 +VAT
Slat Panel Plain MDF Finish 4ft X 4ft 35101
Slat Panel Plain MDF Finish 4ft X 4ft35101
£29.95 +VAT
Slat Panel Black Finish 4ft X 4ft 35106
Slat Panel Black Finish 4ft X 4ft35106
£49.95 +VAT
Slat Panel Maple Finish 4ft X 4ft 35107
Slat Panel Maple Finish 4ft X 4ft35107
£49.95 +VAT
Slat Panel Golden Beech MDF 4ft X 4ft 35108
Slat Panel Golden Beech MDF 4ft X 4ft35108
£49.95 +VAT
Maximising your available display space makes perfect sense, but finding an economical way to do so can be tricky. Cupboards and shelves can be expensive and unreliable, and aren’t always the right size for the space you have available. As a result, many retailers turn to our slat board panels for a low-cost solution that really fits in their space, offering a versatile, user friendly alternative to traditional retail shelving.

Why choose a flat panel display?

Our slat wall panels are a great way to turn wasted wall space into a usable display area. Because they are super quick to install and arrange, slat board panels are a great option for new premises, where you need to give the space an instant makeover and start selling right away.

An investment in MDF slatwall doesn’t have to break the bank either. In fact, we work hard to offer cheap slatwall, so our customers can enjoy these products for less. And because you can adapt the display to suit your needs, using the wide range of slatted wall panel accessories on our site, your layout can change and grow with your business, no matter what the future holds.

Cheap slatwall doesn’t have to mean rubbish, and when it comes to products from Valentino’s Displays, you can be confident we don’t scrimp on quality. All our slatted wall for sale on our site has been designed and manufactured by us in the UK, using the highest quality materials and methods to ensure your investment is well placed.

How to order slat walls from Valentino’s Displays

Ordering your MDF slatwall is simple; just pick the products you like, and we’ll do the rest:

  • Choose your size: Pick from 4ft x 4ft or 8ft x 4ft depending on your needs.
  • Choose your finish: Our slatwall boards come in a range of finishes, including wood grain and block colours.
  • Choose your accessories: All our slat panel display systems are perfectly complemented by our slatwall supplies, offering hooks, hangers, rails and more to let you tailor your display.
  • Choose your inserts: We offer plastic inserts in a range of colours, designed to finish your slatted wall panels perfectly, hiding fixings and adding a splash of colour.

Once you’ve picked your slat wall panels, we’ll get everything together and arrange delivery for you. Please note that our standard delivery offers do not apply due to the weight and size of these slatted wall panels. We can still deliver slat boards UK wide, but an additional charge will apply. Contact us for more details, or to discuss your shipping options.

Trust Valentino’s for slatwall supplies

Whether you’re looking for a low cost, quick way to start merchandising in your new shop, or you’re looking to add to your existing slatwall boards arrangement, we can help. You’re free to order slat walls and supplies from our website, or you can get in touch directly to ask any questions, or for guidance on placing your order.

If you can’t find the slatted wall for sale that you need, talk to our team about custom slatwall boards. Our standard pitch is 100mm, but if you need slat board panels with a deeper or shallower pitch, we can create a bespoke order for you. When it comes to slat boards UK businesses can trust Valentino’s Displays to supply them with the very best products to meet their needs. Call us today for a quote, or for advice on any aspect of retail display.