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8 Inch Round Net Shopping Basket

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The shopping basket plays a vital role in the customer's in-store journey, they're a gateway to encouraging customers to step further inside your store and make a purchase, but not just one purchase, a few purchases. It's a well known fact that retail shopping baskets encourage spending, if a customer is handed a shopping bag upon entering into your store, it's unlikely that they'll leave empty handed.

Shopping baskets are more than just strategically placed items found in retail stores, shopping baskets are convenience for customers and offer a very useful functionality. If your customers enter your store and have everything at their convenience, like shopping baskets, they're more likely to increase their spend with you.

Shopping baskets add an appeal to any retailer and make it easier for the customer to browse the store, pick up items at their convenience and add things to their basket rather than having to juggle all their items. Find the prime location in your store for your shopping baskets and watch your sales and customer satisfaction increase in no time!

Valentino's Displays shopping baskets are manufactured here in the UK and come in a variety of different colours, sizes and textures. Our 8 inch net shopping baskets can be customised and made to your specifications. The smallest of our range, an 8 inch reusable shopping bag is ideal for smaller items.

We believe passionately in making our quality product here in the UK rather than relying on cheap imported goods. So every basket, bag and fishing product we sell is made here in Southampton using quality fabrics and components and stitched with care and attention to quality and detail. All our fabrics are 100% polyester, which is hard wearing and will not run if holed.

Netting reusable bags with logo is a personalised service we offer. Get in touch with us and let us customise these by printing a logo directly onto the mesh. We have branded corporate logos onto net shopping bags for customers all around the world - take a look at our case studies. By adding a print, you are guaranteed that they will look fantastic on the eye.

If you can't see what you're looking for on the website, get in touch. We endeavour to meet demand and will therefore personalise products to meet your needs.

When it comes to wholesale UK mesh bags visit Valentino's Displays.