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A-Boards For Sale - Aluminium, Sign, Chalk and Message Boards - UK

Aluminium A Boards

Aluminium A Boards are indispensable retail and marketing tools that have the potential to drive huge traffic into your business. When you want to get a message out to passers-by that might just sway them to pay your store a visit, it often takes nothing more complicated than a simple A Board to make it happen.

We have hundreds of different shapes, sizes and specifications of A boards for sale and we’re more than happy to arrange custom orders – we’ll make sure your message gets out!

Our A Boards are in many respects similar to heavy-duty poster frames. Displaying your poster is as simple as flipping open the clips, inserting the media and each of the four sides. In a matter of seconds, a rough and rugged piece of promotional gold is ready to do its job wherever you choose, indoors or out. With a sturdy aluminium design they’re also largely weather-proof, though we do make them lightweight for your convenience so be careful in very windy conditions.

We’ve been sourcing and selling all manner of A Boards for years, made by the most reputable manufacturers in the UK and with no middlemen involved. For our customers, this means not only the highest quality across the board, but also the lowest prices day in and day out.

Each of the A Boards for sale across our extensive collection is:

  • Manufactured from the highest quality materials
  • Strong and durable enough for commercial or industrial use
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Compact for simple storage
  • Elegant and attractive
  • Supplied with a guarantee of the lowest UK prices

We’re proud of the A Board range we’ve put together over our years in business, though at the same time we’re more than happy to arrange custom products with our unique made-to-order service.

Get in touch with the team today to discuss your order.