What are the best coat hangers?


Valentino’s Displays provides all sorts of coat hangers and as industry experts and market leaders and premier coat hanger suppliers UK, we endeavor to provide our clients with top-quality products in the form of versatile coathangers for every garment. Since our inception, we have provided thousands of happy customers with coat hanger advice built on years of experience and working with notable experts within the fashion world. Our knowledge and passion for the business are exemplary and we are happy to share our coat hanger wisdom to further satisfy our customers with this handy blog on the best coat hangers;

Wooden hangers

Wooden hangers are more often than not, more robust than plastic alternatives. The sturdy wooden hangers from Valentinosdisplays are no exception. These stylish and popular hangers sometimes consist of a non-slip trouser bar that prevents items from simply sliding off. Typically when this occurs, your garments get lost at the foot of your wardrobe or on your closet floor. They also are trendy enough to provide a polished finish in your wardrobe. Practical and aesthetically pleasing you cannot go wrong with this product choice.

Plastic hangers

Probably the most common hanger worldwide due to its ease of use and cheap selling price. Can be mass-produced quickly and are mostly always recyclable which adds to the modern-day appeal. Valentino’s Displays endeavors to use sustainable products and suppliers wherever possible without sacrificing any item quality. Plastic hangers are our best seller and come in a variety of different packages for clients to bulk buy and make even further savings. These hangers are versatile enough to hold light and delicate garments. Depending on the hanger length they can store heavier items such as coats and jackets. Reliable and sturdy enough to be classed as a medium to long-term purchase unless directly sabotaged.

Trouser hangers

At Valentino’s Displays, we have the knowledge and experience to adapt our products from customer feedback and address common problems within the clothes storage industry. This is evident with our range of open-ended trouser hangers. This innovative design streamlines your wardrobe by taking up less room in there than the traditional trouser hanger with clips. It allows a more spacious closet and enables you to get your garments quicker as you can just snatch them rather than go through the annoying unclipping procedure. You don’t even have to take the hanger off the rod so you reduce time and become more efficient as well as look very smart and organized.

Final thoughts on the best coat hangers

These are just a selected few examples from our extensive range at Valentino’s Displays. Our depth of knowledge and expertise is renowned and our reputation speaks for itself within the industry. Alongside the products discussed above, we also have a comprehensive stock of both traditional and modern alternatives in other key storage areas such as skirt hangers, space-saving hangers, tank and bra hangers, and clipped hangers. If there is something you require that does not appear on our website, please get in touch. During our many year’s experience, we have built up reputable and established contacts with authentic products and would be happy to point you in the right direction if we cannot source your desired item ourselves.

What are the best coat hangers?

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