Male Body Form - White 77101
Male Body Form - White77101
£65.94 (Inc VAT)
Male Body Form - Black 77102
Male Body Form - Black77102
£65.94 (Inc VAT)
Female Body Form - White 77103
Female Body Form - White77103
£59.94 (Inc VAT)
Female Body Form - Black 77104
Female Body Form - Black77104
£59.94 (Inc VAT)
Polystyrene Mannequin Body 77109
Polystyrene Mannequin Body77109
£83.94 (Inc VAT)
Polystyrene Shirt Form 77110
Polystyrene Shirt Form77110
£41.94 (Inc VAT)
Polystyrene Mannequin Torso - White 77111
Polystyrene Mannequin Torso - White77111
£71.94 (Inc VAT)
Polystyrene Mannequin Torso - Black 77112
Polystyrene Mannequin Torso - Black77112
£71.94 (Inc VAT)
Along with outstanding range of male and female mannequins, Valentino’s also stocks a comprehensive catalogue of display busts and body forms without stands.  Perfect for displaying various garments including shirts, jackets, sweaters and trousers, these body forms represent an exceptionally convenient, versatile and cost-effective retail display solution. Check out our full range and discover what makes Valentino’s the UK leader in affordable, intelligent retail display solutions.