Colour Lockable Pin Boards A4 92114
Colour Lockable Pin Boards A492114
£159.95 +VAT
Colour Lockable Pin Boards A3 92115
Colour Lockable Pin Boards A392115
£189.95 +VAT
Colour Lockable Pin Boards A2 92116
Colour Lockable Pin Boards A292116
£229.95 +VAT
Colour Lockable Pin Boards B2 92117
Colour Lockable Pin Boards B292117
£259.95 +VAT
Colour Lockable Pin Boards 30x20 92118
Colour Lockable Pin Boards 30x2092118
£269.95 +VAT
Colour Lockable Pin Boards A1 92119
Colour Lockable Pin Boards A192119
£299.95 +VAT
Colour Lockable Pin Boards B1 92120
Colour Lockable Pin Boards B192120
£349.95 +VAT
Colour Lockable Pin Boards 40x30 92121
Colour Lockable Pin Boards 40x3092121
£364.95 +VAT
Colour Lockable Pin Boards A0 92122
Colour Lockable Pin Boards A092122
£409.95 +VAT
Colour Lockable Pin Boards B0 92123
Colour Lockable Pin Boards B092123
£489.95 +VAT
Colour Lockable Pin Boards 60x40 92124
Colour Lockable Pin Boards 60x4092124
£519.95 +VAT
If you’re looking for a noticeboard company who can supply a premium metal notice board for your business, we are the number one choice. Every single display board for sale on our site is a top-quality product, designed and developed to make your investment go further.

From user friendly features such as the stay open door to the high security extruded aluminium frame, you can count on our office pin board products to deliver more than just the basics. Don’t settle for less than the best! With Valentino’s, you know you’re working with more than just a noticeboard company; you’re working with the industry experts.

Who can use a framed fabric pin board?

We don’t place any restrictions on our customers. Indeed, we often sell office pin board products by the hundreds to large corporations, but equally we have sold a wall notice board to a private customer for their home office. Whether you need one small metal notice board or a thousand, we have the display board for sale and the capacity to deliver just what you need.

Some of our customers include:

  • Education providers: Schools, colleges and universities have found our wall notice board products to be an effective and efficient way to display important notices and even pupils work. The security of our office pin board systems means all the contents were always safe and secure.
  • Hospitality businesses: Hotels, restaurants and other hospitality providers have often needed to display certain information outside their premises.  Things like menu’s, room rates, photographs of the rooms and other crucial information is ideally placed outside the building, giving the customer a chance to browse before committing to entering the building. The weatherproof nature of every display board for sale on our site meant their display materials were always in the best condition; dry and free from condensation.
  • Community groups: Parish councils, community organisations and local societies find a wall notice board is essential to share information with people in their local area. From notices about planning applications to flyers for coffee mornings, our metal notice board products are the ideal solution. With multiple keys available per wall notice board, keyholders can be appointed in several different groups so that they can manage the displays separately.
  • Healthcare providers: Health and wellbeing practitioners often need to display certificates of qualification and of professional membership so that patients and clients can see them in the building. These documents are often difficult and expensive to replace, so a solution for housing them safely and effectively was needed. Our framed fabric pin board products were perfect for this need, and the 2mm thick Perspex glazing meant everything could be clearly seen at all times.

We’ve been the noticeboard company of choice for a huge variety of customers, so whatever industry you might be in, we’re here to help with your requirements. We can supply a framed fabric pin board that is just what you want. You can choose from 11 different sizes, 17 unique and eye catching colours and can even have a say in the colour of the felt backing. In most cases, we can express ship your package to you, so you can enjoy your office pin board as soon as tomorrow. What other noticeboard company do you know that can do all that?