Floor To Ceiling Cable Kit 4m (2 Pack) 39812
Floor To Ceiling Cable Kit 4m (2 Pack)39812
£13.95 +VAT
Wall Adapter (4 Pack) 39813
Wall Adapter (4 Pack)39813
£26.95 +VAT
Single Panel Grip 4mm (4 Pack) 39814
Single Panel Grip 4mm (4 Pack)39814
£3.95 +VAT
Double Panel Grip 4mm (2 Pack) 39815
Double Panel Grip 4mm (2 Pack)39815
£2.75 +VAT
Single Panel Grip 7mm (4 Pack) 39816
Single Panel Grip 7mm (4 Pack)39816
£6.25 +VAT
Double Panel Grip 7mm (2 Pack) 39817
Double Panel Grip 7mm (2 Pack)39817
£4.50 +VAT
Allen Key 2mm 39818
Allen Key 2mm39818
£0.30 +VAT
Allen Key 3mm 39819
Allen Key 3mm39819
£0.40 +VAT
Our wire picture hanging system is an incredibly popular product, offering an easy solution to creating professional window displays, such as estate agents displays, café menu promotion and beauty salon advertising posters. With only basic DIY skills required, you can install your own hanging cable display system, giving your business that professional image and an instant kerb appeal in moments.

Accessories for our cable hanging system

To accompany our suspended cable display systems, you can take your pick from our range of hanging cable accessories to make it easy to mount and enjoy your window poster frames in no time at all. We offer:

  • Floor to ceiling hanging cable: The most popular choice, these hanging cable fixings attach to the floor and the ceiling, suspending your media in mid-air at any point on the cable.
  • Wall adapter for wire display: If you prefer to mount your hanging system using your walls, these wall adapters allow you to do just that.
  • Single or double panel grip: To accompany your cable hanging system, you’ll need some panel grips to secure your window poster frames in place. Sold in either 4mm or 7mm varieties, these are manufactured from brass and finished in anodised silver for a beautiful, coordinated look.
  • Allen keys for cable hanging: To make your assembly of your wire picture hanging system even easier, you can order the required Allan key from us too. Choose from 3mm or 2mm versions, depending on which you need for your application.

If you’re not sure what accessories you need to go with your chosen poster system, simply contact our expert team for free and friendly advice.

Beautiful window displays made easy

As estate agent window display units, our window poster frames are particularly useful, as they make it quick and easy to switch the contents, so that the display can be kept up to date day to day. Not only that, but because many estate agent window display units have to accommodate awkward shaped spaces, difficult mounting points and other unique challenges, these wire display systems are a brilliant choice, overcoming all these obstacles with ease.

Of course, our wire picture hanging systems are not just for your window displays either. You can use the system to create amazing displays throughout your shop advertising products, promotions and more. Display artwork, offer information and encourage your customers to buy more from you. From banks to estate agents displays have never been easier than with our suspended cable display systems.