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Counter Fibre Glass Display Busts

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Torso Mannequin

Our fibre glass counter standing display busts are ideally suited to freestanding displays and have great durability and practicality, offering a way to show off particular products alongside your clothes rails.  T-shirts and sleeveless garments look their best when displayed on these attractive and compact busts. They offer superb value for money and are easy to display as a shop window display or anywhere you have unused space in your shop layout. All our busts are perfect if you’re making the best use of limited space and don’t have room left at floor level for full standing mannequins.

Some of these models even come with detachable arms as well as fully moulded torso, neck and back fittings. These fibreglass counter standing display busts are made from high quality, durable materials that look great under shop lighting and are designed to last a lifetime. They can be altered to suit your personal requirements, but if even this doesn’t satisfy you they do include a no quibble 14 day money back guarantee. Alternatively you can compare with our extensive range of display busts and body forms to choose the right option for you.