Custom White Clothes Rail

What is your clothes hanging rail to you? A space saving item? A functional way to store your garments? Could a custom clothes rail be something more to your retail business, giving another level of marketing to your products and creating bespoke shop displays that will set you apart from the competition? Our customer thought so, and asked us to create a heavy duty clothes rail that was quite different from anything else we’d done to date. Here’s how it went:

Our client

As a retail clothing business, leading the way in fashion, this client was keen to stand out from the competition. They already used different types of clothes hanging rail in their stores to display their products, but this time they wanted something different.

Our customer's goal

Our customer was launching a new range of summer clothing, and wanted a number of custom clothes rack products produced to market these garments in store. They were looking to create bespoke retail displays focussed on the beach, and wanted us to turn our industrial clothes rail white, and to decorate it with seashells and marine rope. They knew that when it comes to any type of clothes rail UK businesses prefer to work with Valentino’s Displays, and got in touch to ask us to help with these bespoke retail displays for their stores.

Our approach

Creating a white clothes rail is something we’ve done a million times before, so we weren’t worried about that part. However, this was the first time we’d been asked to include shells and marine rope in our manufacturing process. But, as the UK’s leading supplier of bespoke shop displays, we knew we could pull it off.

We started with industrial clothes rail assemblies, in a plain metal finish. We then had the steel powder coated to turn the clothes rail white. We added castors to make this heavy duty clothes rail easy to move around, and the turned our attention to the unusual decoration requested by this client.

We ensured that the white clothing rack was completely cured, to avoid any loss of contact with the adhesive, and then carefully applied the marine rope as specified by the customer. We also added seashells to all the customised garment rails, giving them that beachy, tropical summer theme. We tested each and every white clothes rail to ensure the adhesive was performing perfectly and that the decorations were secure.

The end results

Our client was so happy with their custom clothes rack products, and we were pretty pleased too. More than that, we managed to get everything finished and wrapped up within the customer’s tight ten day window, so that they could start enjoying their bespoke retail displays right away. They are planning to order many more heavy duty clothes rails from us in the future, so we’re looking forward to working with then again soon.


If you’re looking for customised garment rails, we can help. Whether yours is a simple steel powder coated job or a more complex job with extensive decoration, our expert team can create the custom clothes rail you’ve been looking for. We ship all types of clothes rail UK wide, and can arrange delivery internationally too. Call today for a quote, or browse our range of industrial clothes rail products for inspiration.