White bespoke retail clothes and garment rails – UK

Valentino’s Displays is pleased to provide a blog post in regards to custom white clothes rails for a retail customer of ours for their summer UK  garment collection.

The job involved manufacturing white clothing rails and then given the customers specification using marine/boat rope and seashells in certain areas of the rail and fixing them to the clothes rail. The reason for this was that these clothes rails were to be used out on shop display within the retail store and as it was for a summer clothing line the rail was made to look professional but also giving that beach feel to it, even if the UK isn’t getting the best of the weather lately!

An image of these garment rails are as below;

Customised Clothes Rails

We think they have come out great and we are delighted with them. You can see a case study of this project here.

The client was absolutely delighted with these clothes rails and is hoping to purchase more in the near future. They trialled an initial 5 rails to ensure this solution worked best for them. Our clothing hanging rails are perfect for the retail environment due to the weight they can hold. These are as strong as they come so more than capable to handle your clothes for domestic use. Our garment rails consist of 4 pieces you have a pair of sides, an oval-shaped top bar and a bottom bar.

UK industrial clothes rails manufactured from strong, heavy-duty UK steel for durability. If your clothes rail consists of more than 4 pieces it’s likely to be a cheaper alternative and an import item which may be suitable in the short term but over time will not compare to our retail quality clothes hanging rails.

From start to finish the turn around on this project was around 10 days.

If you are interested in custom made clothes rails please contact us to discuss further. We are able to manufacture these in any colour and to your specifications.

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