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Display Busts and Body Forms

The UK's largest supplier of mannequin torso and mannequin bust forms

Crafted with love and an intention to last a very long time, each and every mannequin display form in our range will make a stunning addition to your retail space. We have busts and body forms with stands and without, female bust forms to sit on your countertop and male mannequin torsos that hang from the ceiling. We have mannequins with arms and those with part of their face and they have all been manufactured to the highest quality, using different materials, right here in the UK.

Pick the perfect mannequin bust for your store display

When you want to promote a specific item, it is a great idea to purchase a half mannequin that allows you to focus on that single product. Whether you need a female mannequin torso to display a charity t-shirt or a male torso to showcase a range of string-vests, we will be more than happy to help.

A quality mannequin torso for your merchandising

Different materials work for different stores, aesthetics and situations. We can provide you with a plastic mannequin for a low-cost reliable structure, or a styrofoam mannequin body that adds a little softness to the look. We have different colours and different styles that highlight specific body parts, so that you can truly tailor your shop display to suit your needs.

Why buy your half body mannequin from us?

Valentino’s Displays has been serving the commercial industry for many years, making us the number one suppliers for all your retail shop fittings. We are already well-known for our full body mannequin range, which has been very popular with our loyal customers. If you want more reasons to buy your display mannequin from us, read on!

  • Our range of fashion display products is unrivalled: Whether you need a mannequin torso stand or a mannequin torso with arms, you’ll find it right here. We have all the supplies you need to create a retail display to wow your customers and outshine your competitors.
  • We offer excellent value for money: When you purchase your mannequin body direct from us, you will be treated to cheap prices and high-quality pieces. When you purchase a mannequin torso male or a mannequin torso female, you can be certain that you have chosen a piece that looks good and will stand the test of time.
  • Each clothes mannequin has been made with love: Our master craftsmen make all our products in the UK, carefully sculpting each mannequin half body female to perfection and giving each hanging mannequin torso the desirable figure that will ensure your clothing looks its absolute best when on display.
  • Our customer service team are lovely: If you would like some advice about a male mannequin torso with stand, or you have questions about which female mannequin is best for you, please don’t hesitate to call. Our team look forward to speaking with you and helping you choose the ideal products for your store.

More than just shop fittings for sale

When you become a customer of Valentino’s Displays, we are keen to encourage loyalty and return visits, which is why we like to think of you as part of the family. You might just need one mannequin body stand today, but next time you might need a wholesale order, so we will work with you to ensure every shopping experience is a pleasure.

Speaking of wholesale, we do offer discounts for larger orders. Free delivery is automatically added to purchases of over £100 and we have a 14-day returns guarantee, no matter what the problem. Want to find out more? Contact us on 01489 808007 or at