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Dressmaking Dummy/Tailors Dummy For Sale

Dressmakers Mannequins and Tailors Dummy

Are you a dressmaker in need of a dummy? These are often essential when creating tailored and fitted clothes. We sell those too, in the perfect material for recreating your customer’s body form, so you can continue to work on the dress or suit when they are not in the shop. Many wedding outfits are created in this manner.

If you're looking for a dressmakers dummy, dress form or tailors dummy, then look no further than Valentino's Displays. We have an extensive range of dressmakers dummies, these perfectly formed figures can be used to make the perfect retail display, or they can used for tailoring and dressmaking. Our female tailors dummies and dressmaking sewing dummies are a necessity when fitting clothes to the perfect shape and size,  and in-fact many bridal dresses are modeled on a tailors dummy.

Our classic adult dressmakers mannequins are elegantly shaped with delicate neck and collarbone detail. Both male and females mannequin are fitted with white or black jerseys (removable for washing). All dressmaker mannequins can easily be pinned, are stable in sunlight, lightweight and easily adjusted for height, making them suitable for the retail environment.

Our dressmaking and tailoring items come as standard with wooden tripods that are available in a natural wood or black matt finish with matching thistle neck tops to add impact to your retail display. Available in various sizes, our adjustable sewing mannequins will make garment alterations easier so you achieve a professional result. For more information about retail display merchandise, check out our website.