Bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your shop floor with our unique dressmakers mannequin collection – the quintessential display product for high-brow garment retailers. Over the years, the classic dressmakers mannequin has slowly found its way back into standard shop floor use by those for whom traditional beauty matters. Standard store mannequins are of crucial importance, but there’s something about the classic tailor’s mannequin that just exudes good taste and sophistication.

Crafted to the highest standard by the UK’s finest manufacturers, each of our dressmakers mannequins is a truly multi-purpose asset to your store. They can be used in the design and creation of unique garments, they’re indispensable when making alterations and as far as garment display purposes go – nothing looks quite so refined.

Take a look in any of the world’s most exclusive clothing retailers and you’re guaranteed to see at least one dressmakers mannequin showcasing something truly special.
We’ve put together a unique collection of mannequins, each of which has been hand-selected by our expert team and assured for both quality and value. Each product we offer across our extensive range of mannequins comes with our guarantee of:

  • 100% British manufacture
  • The lowest prices on the UK market
  • Exceptional quality of materials
  • Sturdy construction for heavy-duty shop floor use
  • Compact design for maximum optimisation of space
  • Excellent stability – mannequins will not lean or wobble
  • Timeless beauty and elegance

Breaking up the existing aesthetic of your retail shop floor with the addition of a few mannequins really can transform an otherwise uninspiring outlet into something quite remarkable. We’re committed to helping you, your brand and your products shine – the right fittings and hangers for your store can make all the difference in the world. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help inject new life into your business.