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Express Lockers

Metal Storage Locker

Express lockers are the perfect solution if you’re looking to provide a secure storage  within a limited space. Perfect for use in the workplace, schools or a public space such as train stations or gyms.

Express lockers come in a choice of two sizes with four door options available, so they are a very flexible option. If you are short on storage space and need to make the most of the room available to you, then express lockers are the answer.

We would recommend this as an ideal solution for school lockers and gyms, with Germ Guard Active Technology and door ventilation included, limiting any lingering smells a gym kit may leave behind. Although they are, of course, suitable for any situation requiring a secure, metal storage solution.

Each metal locker has a high quality cam locking system, providing maximum security, meaning these lockers are less vulnerable to unauthorised access, the last thing you want to deal with when running a busy business or school.

You also have a choice of door colours, we can provide the express lockers with either light grey or dark blue doors, and all come with a light grey carcase.

We can supply express lockers with either 1, 2, 4  or 6 doors, and they will be fitted with a security shelf, preventing any unauthorised access to the compartments above or below. Again, this makes them a fantastic solution if you are supplying lockers to a school or public space where security could be an issue.

You can also feel confident that these lockers for sale are hard wearing and won’t need to be replaced on a regular basis, all shelves are anti-corrosive so you can rest assured you are getting value for money when you order from us.

High Quality Compartment Lockers Features

  • Available in two width specifications – 460mm and 300mm
  • Secured with high quality cam locks for maximum security
  • Single-tier lockers feature coat hooks and upper-shelves
  • Two-tier lockers feature coat hooks in each compartment
  • Door ventilation included for additional locker content protection
  • Strengthened doors feature rubber buffers
  • All Lockers feature Germ Guard Active Technology
  • Anti-corrosive galvanised shelves maximise long-term durability