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Female Headless Active Mannequins

Female Active Sports Mannequins - UK

If you’re in the market for outstanding, robust andversatile female sportsmannequins, look no further than our female headless active mannequins. We manufacturemannequins of all shapes, sizes and colours, which can help you demonstrateyour sporting products in an attractive, effective way.

Why use athletic mannequins for your sporting goods

From sporting apparel to accessories and equipment, sports mannequinscan help you highlight the benefits of your products in an easy to understandway. Research shows that displaying items on an attractive, athletic mannequincan help your customers understand how to use your products, and how to developtheir style with ease.

There’s much more to buying clothes and accessories thanjust shopping. Customers want to boost their self-confidence with stylish, wellput together looks that are easily replicated on their own terms and budget.Displaying an outfit in its entirety on a mannequin serves to give yourshoppers more ideas and inspiration to build their own style from yourproducts.

Displaying products on a mannequin lets you display more ofyour products all at once. As well as clothes, you can accessorise with bags,scarves, hats and sports equipment to create not just a clothes hanger, butalso a complete look to which your customers can aspire. With high qualityathletic mannequins from Valentino’s displays, you can help your customers totarget their shopping, and can upsell your products with ease.

High quality shop mannequins for all your display needs

Our athletic mannequins are designed to be incrediblyversatile, giving you the perfect opportunity to showcase your sporting goodsand apparel in an attractive, eye-catching manner. These mannequins don’t havea head, which gives them a certain anonymous appeal, letting your customers putthemselves in the mannequin’s place with ease.

All our sportsmannequins are made from high quality fibreglass and feature realistic bodymuscle definition, perfect for displaying athletic clothing, apparel andaccessories. Each of our sports mannequins sits on an attractive, heavy dutybase, either glass or chrome, designed to be resistant to toppling.

Choose from either black or white colouration, and a matt orglass finish to suit your needs. If you’re not sure which athleticmannequins will suit your products best, talk to our team and we’ll behappy to help.

Can’t find what you need?

If you’re looking for a particular colour, shape or pose,talk to us first. What you see here on our website is just a small selection ofwhat we can supply. Our team can custom make you a mannequin to yourspecifications, enabling you to completely customise the look, pose andmeasurements of your mannequin to showcase your products in the most attractiveway.

Our custom designed mannequins can take up to 28 days to manufacture and deliver, so do allow time to get your display materials to your premises. If you’re not sure what you need, our experienced, friendly team are here to help. Simply give us a call today and we’ll make sure you purchase the very best shop mannequins for your requirements.