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Flexible Child Mannequins With Features

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Flexible Child Mannequins With Features

Fully flexible display figures with strong wire skeletons, soft polyurethane foam bodies or plastic coated and a choice of finishes. You can set these foam bendy mannequins in almost any position but this must be done gently to avoid damage, please follow the instructions supplied.

In terms of flexibility this makes the flexible mannequins a good option when it comes to choosing the right clothes mannequin. Unlike the fibreglass mannequins where they are static and in one particular pose the bendy flexible mannequins can be manipulated time and time again to get various poses should you wish to change your displays. Although more expensive than the fibreglass mannequins over a period of time the flexible mannequins could become a more cost effective solution when it comes to shop mannequins.

Display using a stand (sold separately) or support with nylon thread using the loop on the top of the head. Black metal floor stands for bendy mannequins are sold separately, use the child stand for all models age 8 and under.