Our realistic mannequins are the perfect way to display your children’s clothing so that shoppers are encouraged to make a purchase. Each poseable figure has its own character and incredible flexibility, coming to life when manipulated into a welcoming posture. Choose a flexible mannequin for your shop display and you’ll be delighted with the high-quality design.

Fully poseable child mannequin made from the best materials

Made with a strong skeleton wire body, these fully poseable models are wrapped with Polyurethane foam bodies. You can then decide whether you’d prefer a flocked or plastic-coated finish on your child and baby mannequins, depending on what best suits your requirements.

A wide range of flexible child mannequins for sale

When selecting a flexible mannequin, you are opening the possibilities of your retail display. Whether you choose a full-size toddler for your child display or you need a baby mannequin, you’ll find high quality, realistic options here.

When shifting your flexible foam mannequin into position, it is important to be careful in order to avoid damaging the foam figure. We have given comprehensive instructions on how best to create your chosen stance, so that your flexible full body mannequin stays in perfect condition for every pose.

If you are looking for a flexible mannequin for sale, you have come to the right place! We have every style of flexible baby mannequin imaginable online. If we are missing something, please let us know and we will have it made up to suit your specific specifications.

Buy a flexible child mannequin UK customers want to coo over!

When you order child mannequins direct from us, you aren’t just buying a product. You are becoming a part of our family! As the premier destination for fully flexible shopfitting supplies, we aren’t concerned with a quick sale. We want to build a relationship with every one of our customers. We also offer:

  • Our cleverly crafted flexible child mannequin: Our cheap flexible mannequins are unique when it comes to retail equipment. Most children’s display mannequins are made of fibreglass, which is great quality but not at all bendy. To these mannequins, flexible matters, which is why the soft full body figures are so popular.
  • Incredible range of poseable mannequins: We have everything you could need for your child or baby display. Only need flexible mannequin arms or just a baby mannequin body? We have got you covered! We have baby mannequins for sale with attached mannequin stand and we have a baby mannequin for clothes with abstract features. Whatever kind of flexible mannequins you want, we’ve got it!
  • Prices you won’t believe: When compared with our other kids’ mannequins, the cost is slightly higher. Each fully poseable mannequin is worth its weight in gold, however, helping you to boost sales over a very long period of time.
  • Superior customer service: Let us help you choose the perfect baby mannequin for sale for your store. As experts in our field, we know which poseable child mannequin will work for each individual store. We are here to help before and after purchase and hope you will return to us.

Valentino’s makes the best baby mannequin in the UK

Our kids’ mannequin and soft baby mannequin are just a small portion of what we have to offer on our website. Each life size poseable mannequin can emulate a range of poses for the most creative shop mannequin display. Available in a range of ages, these unique shop fittings are priced extremely well, increasing sales by modelling your wares and being part of our wholesale deals. Deliveries over £100 are free! So, buy baby mannequin supplies with us today and grab yourself a bargain.

Order foam child mannequins direct at Valentino's Displays

Order your child mannequins direct with a specialist retail display company like Valentino's Displays. We guarantee these poseable figures will vastly improve your baby and child shop display. We can’t wait to share our designs of bendable baby mannequins UK models with you! Any questions on any of our store display supplies? Just contact us through our normal channels so we can answer any queries you may have!