Fun Kids 9 Months 73324
Fun Kids 9 Months73324
£309.95 +VAT
Fun Kids 2-3 Years 73325
Fun Kids 2-3 Years73325
£339.95 +VAT
Fun Kids 3-4 Years 73326
Fun Kids 3-4 Years73326
£359.95 +VAT
Fun Kids 4-5 Years 73327
Fun Kids 4-5 Years73327
£369.95 +VAT
Fun Kids 8 Years 73328
Fun Kids 8 Years73328
£399.95 +VAT
At Valentino’s Displays we provide a huge selection of carefully made quality bendable child mannequins, deliverable throughout the whole of the UK. The perfect kids’ mannequins, they will look good in any type of window display or when used for in-store merchandising. The ideal choice for all kinds of kids clothing presentations, they will match perfectly with any form of interior store décor, traditional or modern and contemporary.

Child mannequins for kids’ clothing displays

Bring your displays to life, attract customers and have full peace of mind, knowing that your products and outfits are going to be showcased in the best possible way. They also come a range of colours so will easily lend themselves to a variety of layouts for all seasons; spring, summer, autumn or winter. If you want to ensure that your colour-scheme is carried throughout your store, possibly varying with each department, our bendy child mannequins tick every box. Even the most demanding of customers are sure to be delighted with the effect given by our soft child mannequins, coming out on top when it comes to best-quality display models, bringing your store and its products to life in a dynamic and attractive way.

Realistic looking soft flexible mannequins

For soft flexible mannequins that look realistic, there is no better way of showing off your kiddies’ garments. Fully posable and ranging in age from 9 months to 8 years, they are made from polyurethane foam covered in plastic of a colour to suit your scheme. Glass bases and fittings can also be ordered separately and each poseable mannequin UK comes with an easy-to-understand manual so whether this is your first mannequin purchase or one of many, you will never have any trouble when incorporating it into an eye-catching display in your store. The bodies are realistic and can be posed in a variety of useful positions, also making them extremely flexible when it comes to dressing and undressing. Sturdily made and long-lasting, they can be used to display both boys and girls clothing and accessories.  

Why choose our cheap kid size mannequins?

Customers love our flexible mannequins for sale for so many reasons:

  • You can bend the arms and legs gently into a variety of positions
  • The arms are detachable to help with dressing/undressing
  • You can hang them or secure to walls/ceilings if you do not want them free-standing
  • They are lightweight and easy to move and handle
  • Tough and strong, they can be used for many displays over and over again

Our cheap kid size mannequins are just a selection of the many items that we have within our range. Specialists in the provision of foam mannequin full body, if you cannot see exactly what you are looking for within our standard range, do give us a call. We are always on hand to discuss bespoke orders to fulfil your every need.

Delivery to any address in the UK is FREE for orders over £100 excluding VAT and our customer service team are always on hand to offer support and information. Whether you are purchasing just a few kiddie size mannequins to top up your existing range or buying many to fit out your new store, we have the perfect bendable child mannequins to suit you.

Give us a call today and be sure of finding the perfect kids’ mannequins for your store.