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Flexible Male Mannequins, Bendy and Foam Bodies

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We stock a full collection of fully flexible display figures that come in a variety of finishes, they also come equipped with a choice of strong wire skeletons, soft or plastic coated polyurethane foam bodies. This range can be gently manipulated into almost any position – when doing this please be sure to read the instruction so that you do not damage them.

If you need a flexible clothes mannequin then our bendy variety should be your first choice.

Unlike fibreglass versions that are are static and come in one pose, these can be manipulated time and time again to create various creative poses. Although these are more expensive than our fibreglass collection, over time they could become a more cost effective solution as they are so versatile.

This range displayed using mannequin display stands or a support with a nylon thread using the loop on the top of the head (these are sold separately). If you can't find what you're looking for or would like some advice about what you need for your retail display, get in touch.