Flexible Mannequins delivered to Australia

Flexible mannequins are not cheap shop mannequins, but when you consider their ability to let you change up your display from one week to the next, and the flexibility they offer in terms of poses, they really are a great investment. When looking to buy mannequins UK businesses know they can trust Valentino’s Displays, but it’s not often we get to work with companies from the other side of the world. Here’s how we got on.

Our client

This customer was an Australian based business selling fashion items and other garments from their retail stores. They like to keep things fresh, and decided that bendy mannequins would be the perfect solution.

Our customer's goal

Our customer was looking for poseable mannequins for sale for their shop in Brisbane. They were struggling to find the precise combination of colours and styles for an affordable price, until the found our website. They decided to buy mannequins UK made by Valentino’s Displays because we offered more options on our products, and because of our enviable reputation for supplying high quality display products.

Our approach

The majority of our poseable mannequin products are made to order, so our customers can choose all the features and options that suit them best. Producing these poseable female mannequin units was not too challenging, once we’d received the specifications from the client, which included:

  • Skin colour: She opted for flesh colour, which is a great way to show off garments at their best.
  • Face: She picked facial features. This is very much personal preference as many of our clients prefer their adjustable mannequin products to be abstract or even headless.
  • Mounting: Our client picked bases for each of her retail store mannequins so that it would be safe and easy to mount them and keep them secure during display.

Our client loved that our flexible mannequins for sale came with so many options, so she could create a custom product that really suited her brand. Although we frequently supply display mannequins UK wide, we don’t often ship to Australia, so we had to ensure we could provide an affordable and rapid shipping service.

The end results

We think these poseable female mannequin products turned out just great. We finished and shipped the retail store mannequins to Australia in the timescale agreed with the client, proving that we’re not only great at supplying display mannequins UK wide, but internationally too. Our client thought these were the best adjustable mannequin products they had seen, and sent us these comments about their experience:

"Hi Antonio, I'm very happy with the mannequins, and everything went really well. The delivery was really well done and the time that took to arrive was just as you told me from the beginning. The only thing that I think you should have a look at is the payment of PayPal (because of convenience) that I was not able to do it but I'm not really sure if you can do anything about it. Overall, I am really happy with the mannequins and the service that you provided, and I would recommend your company to anyone. Thanks a lot. Laury Olier"

If you’re looking for poseable mannequins for sale, our products are ideal for you. These are comparatively cheap shop mannequins, but enable you to create a wide range of displays with just one investment. Our flexible mannequins for sale include both male and female models, as well as child models, and in a wide range of features and colours. Talk to Valentino’s Displays today about your poseable mannequin needs and we’ll help you find the best product for your display.