Flexible display bendy mannequins fly to Australia


We have just recently completed a display order for some of our bendy mannequins to fly to our customer who’s in Brisbane, Australia.

Bendy Flexible Mannequin

Bendy Flexible Mannequin

Hand Of Bendy Flexible Female Mannequin

These images were taken before the flexible mannequins were packaged up and flown by air by one of our premium dedicated couriers. They were collected from us, forwarded to London where they went direct to Brisbane.

Our Customer chose flesh coloured female bendy mannequins with facial features and also decided on bases for these to stand up.

Flexible Mannequin Base Stand

Fully flexible mannequins are ideal if you are looking to create display poses that are not your typically fashion pose. We have customers who go for these types of mannequins if they wish to create their own poses like sports poses where they are able to move arms and legs. The benefit of these mannequins are that they are fully flexible. Their bodies are made from wire which means your window displays can always change. You can keep changing their pose time and time again. A fibreglass mannequin is in a fixed stance so you are restricted if you needed to alter your display albeit they are cheaper to purchase.

These poseable mannequins are more expensive to buy than your standard fashion mannequin. The level of detail and quality makes them an outstanding option for a changing display. You are able to do much more with these than a fibre glass mannequin. In the long run, you will not need to purchase additional mannequins if you have our bendable mannequins.

Bendy mannequins are available in various colours. Sold in all age groups and come with or without facial features. Most of our customers go for the flocked finish as opposed to a plastic coating material for the bendable mannequins. But the choice is yours!

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