Unisex Glass Head 77301
Unisex Glass Head77301
£31.20 +VAT
Silver Glass Skull 77324
Silver Glass Skull77324
£39.50 +VAT
Gold Glass Skull 77325
Gold Glass Skull77325
£39.50 +VAT
Bronze Glass Skull 77326
Bronze Glass Skull77326
£39.50 +VAT
Black Glass Skeleton Skull 77327
Black Glass Skeleton Skull77327
£39.50 +VAT
Red Glass Skeleton Skull 77328
Red Glass Skeleton Skull77328
£39.50 +VAT
White Glass Skeleton Skull 77329
White Glass Skeleton Skull77329
£39.50 +VAT
Clear Glass Skeleton Skull 77330
Clear Glass Skeleton Skull77330
£39.50 +VAT
For retail merchandising displays that catch the eye and encourage shoppers to stare, our extensive range of mannequin heads for sale are absolutely perfect. Ideal for creating visually appealing sunglasses displays, or to show-off wigs, headphones, hats and other accessories, our optical stands offer a cost-effective way to encourage customers to make spur-of-the-moment purchases while they browse. A glass mannequin head UK is an essential buy for any fashion store that sells head accessories.

Choose a glass mannequin head that best suits your business

We have two main types of display head on offer:  glass display heads and clear glass skull heads. Choose a glass skull for retail environments where the clientele is slightly edgier, such as skate shops or those with a more gothic vibe. Our glass display heads for sale work best for almost every other environment and both styles are available in a range of colours including clear, blue, yellow, orange, green, blue, red and purple.

Get a-head of the competition with a skeleton skull display stand

Like all our products at Valentino’s Displays, we are careful to use the most appropriate and high-quality tools and materials for each display glass head. We also always aim to cover every possible need, so that our customers don’t have to spend hours selecting the products they need. There are a number of reasons why our head display forms are the best, including:

  • High-Quality Manufacture: Looking for display heads UK manufactured? Look no further! Each manikin head has been crafted from chunky recycled glass, creating optical displays that are strong and sturdy, able to withstand constant activity in a busy shopping environment.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: Glass is a fantastic material that is able to be recycled several times without losing any of its strength. By using recycled glass, we are able to put a little less pressure on the environment without detriment to the customer.
  • Huge range of colours: To really make a display that pops, choose one or two of our brightly coloured designs. Eye-catching and appealing, these vivid designs are perfect for a sunglasses display and they will add to the overall fun feeling of your store. If you need something a little more sophisticated, choose a clear glass mannequin head. If you want to create something a little moodier or creative, choose a glass skull head in a darker, but equally eye-catching shade.
  • Unusual styles: You don’t always expect to see a skeleton head when you are out shopping, but it is this type of unusual design that gets customers talking and builds interest in your brand. Used in the right way, our out-of-the-ordinary skull displays can be a very effective merchanding tool.

The very best mannequin head UK manufacturers

At Valentino’s Displays, we believe a display head is more than just a glass head. They are glasses displays, sunglasses stands and glass heads for hats. They are also an important part of your visual merchandising and can help extend your brand or season theme throughout the store. Encouraging impulse buys or showcasing more expensive styles, a well-made mannequin head can help to boost your sales.

Ask us about our wholesale glass mannequin heads

While it is usually true that you get what you pay for, we are proud to be able to offer our customers a cheap mannequin head that is incredibly high-quality. If you are looking for a clear display head that offers value for money, then we can certainly help!

Our glass mannequin head for sale is also subject to some pretty great wholesale prices. Whether you need one skeleton display head, or a hundred, give us a call and let us give you a highly competitive quote. For any questions or feedback, please send us a message via our webform or phone us on 01489 808007 – we are always happy to help in any way that we can.