Greeting Card 8x6 Spinner 24 Pockets Display Stand 15020
Greeting Card 8x6 Spinner 24 Pockets Display Stand15020
£139.95 +VAT
Greeting Card 8x6 Spinner 36 Pockets Display Stand 15028
Greeting Card 8x6 Spinner 36 Pockets Display Stand15028
£144.95 +VAT
Greeting Card 8x6 Spinner 48 Pockets Display Stand 15021
Greeting Card 8x6 Spinner 48 Pockets Display Stand15021
£149.95 +VAT
Does your business sell a lot of greetings cards? Perhaps you have a lot of leaflets, postcards, brochures or books you need to sell, but you can’t work out the best way to merchandise them. Valentino’s Displays is always here to help!

Our greeting card stands come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. We have tall ones and short ones. Ones that spin and ones that don’t. The selection you are browsing right now are all spinners, each one with a different number of pockets, perfect for cards or marketing materials measuring 8x6”.

So, if you’ve got to this page and you’re reading this far into the description, you’ve probably got a few questions about our greeting card spinner options that need answering before you make your final choice. We’ll attempt to answer a few of those questions here, but if there is anything else, please do get in touch so we can better assist you.

How do you know which card stands to buy?

As a rule, you should look at your merchandise and work from there. These particular card spinners are ideal for cards and brochures measuring 8x6”. You could, of course, fit smaller items in there, but they might look a little scruffy where they don’t quite fill the pocket.

You’ll also need to look at how many designs you have. Ideally, you want to fill your card display stands – empty pockets look untidy, which can put off potential customers. So, count how many different designs you have and find a card display stand with the number of pockets that best matches this number.

At the same time, bear in mind that you might order in new designs, or you might have fewer designs in a week or two as they start to sell. You need to choose a spinner that will look as good in a week or two as it does when you first fill it.

Finally, are you sure a spinner rack is right for you? Do you have the floor space for the extra piece of furniture? Spinner racks don’t take up as much space as a clothing rack or table, but they do still need space to turn and for potential customers to stand around them. Some people prefer counter-top spinners or wall racks. Generally, however, if you do have the space, a greeting card display is more effective if it is free-standing and spins.

How do you know if you’ve found good display racks?

We get it – shopping online can be a minefield. And it is difficult to know exactly what you are getting until it turns up at your delivery address, which is frustrating.

But there are some features to look for that will make it easier.

  • Dimensions: Don’t ignore these numbers. Acknowledge them and make sure your stands for cards will fit in the space you’ve designated them. With enough room for customers to stand and spin the rack.
  • The display style: Some display stands for cards have full-faced pockets so you can see the whole design. Others have overlapping pockets. Usually, you can get more styles on an overlapping design but the customer has to work harder to see them all. Decide what will work best for you.
  • How the stand moves: Does it have static legs on wheels? Wheels obviously help improve manoeuvrability for you as you try to find the perfect spot for it in the shop. But, make sure those wheels have secure brakes, so the card stand display doesn’t start rolling around the place when you don’t want it to!
  • Ease of assembly: Greeting card display stands shouldn’t be complicated to put together. You want to be able to get your greeting cards out on the shop floor almost immediately after delivery.
  • High-quality materials: Choose a greeting card display spinner made out of robust, durable materials. Ours have a strong wire frame and a tough plastic coating (available in six different colours), so you know they are destined to last as long as you need them in your retail space.
  • UK manufactured: You know that UK standards are strong and that you are supporting your home economy by buying products made in this country. This locality also means we have more control over the process and are able to ensure our own high standards.

Why buy your greeting card spinner rack from Valentino's?

We are the leading manufacturer of retail equipment in the UK for good reason. Our customers love us for many things and come back to us again and again. It is always our aim to retain customers and so we offer a number of benefits:
  1. The widest range of retail products on the internet: We work hard to ensure all bases are covered – if you need it, you’ll find it in our store. If you can’t find the exact detail or variant you are looking for, we will source it or make it for you.
  2. The cheapest prices around: We work with our trusted teams to keep our prices as low as possible without lowering quality or taking anything away from our service.
  3. The best quality for your retail outlets: Busy shops don’t run well with flimsy furnishings. You need items than can withstand high traffic and the wear and tear that is inevitable. That’s why we use the best possible materials and work with experts to craft our products.
  4. Service with a smile:  We love to hear from our customers. So, if you have a question or issue with anything you’ve bought from us, please get in touch so we can help you. And, if you want something you can’t see on our online shelves, let us know, so we can source it for you.

Ready to start shopping for your card display rack?

The benefits of shopping with Valentino’s Displays don’t end with our customer service team. If you wanted to buy more than one display for greetings cards, you can make use of our wholesale discounts. And all orders over £100 qualify for free delivery, which is very useful on heavier items.

If you buy something and it arrives and isn’t quite what you wanted or you change your mind – no worries! Our 14-day no-quibble money-back guarantee has you covered. And, our bespoke service is available on nearly all items, so you can personalise products so they fit with your branding.

So, the real question is, why would you buy your display for greetings cards anywhere else?!