Gridwall Sloping Shelf 36020
Gridwall Sloping Shelf36020
£13.95 +VAT
Gridwall Flat Shelf 36021
Gridwall Flat Shelf36021
£13.95 +VAT
Gridwall Basket 36022
Gridwall Basket36022
£16.95 +VAT
Gridwall Hangrail 36023
Gridwall Hangrail36023
£7.95 +VAT
Displaying merchandise, fashion or tools doesn’t have to be hard work. With the gridwall system of display, you can create a professional, attractive and effective product display without spending a fortune on your equipment. When you buy gridwall shelves from us, you’ll need a number of accessories to make the most of your new space.

Gridwall baskets for sale right here

Gridwall allows you to display upwards, outwards and in places which would otherwise be dead space. If you’re looking to display smaller items, or want to create a useful space for efficient storage and display, our gridwall baskets for sale are the perfect choice.

Manufactured from robust quarter inch wire and finished in pretty, shiny chrome, our baskets are designed to match perfectly to your gridwall mesh. Installing them is easy; simply hook the wire grid hooks over the gridwall mesh, and your basket is safe and secure.

Buy gridwall shelves for simple displays

Our gridwall shelves are a popular choice if you have items which simply don’t function well in a hanging space. Things like shoes, hats, bags and other items look better and sit more comfortably on a shelf configuration, and will be less likely to fall down and cause problems in your store.

Choose from a flat shelf, ideal for medium sized objects and products, or a slanted shelf which works well if your customers are looking down onto it. Slanted shelves are particularly useful for smaller items, or items with a low rise, such as magazines, chocolate bars and socks. You can be sure of robust, safe construction and a beautiful chrome finish when you buy gridwall shelves from us.

Wire grid hooks and hanging rails too

Our wire grid hooks come in all the sizes and shapes you’ll need to create your dream display. They function effectively alongside our shelves and baskets, and are finished in the same bright, shiny chrome for a matched, professional appearance.

Need advice buying accessories for your gridwall mesh panels? Call us!

We also sell a beautiful chrome hanging rail, which can be used to hang clothes, to tie products around or for any other purpose. For all your hanging rails and wire grid hooks, talk to Valentino’s first.

Our team are industry experts in the field of design and showroom creation, so if you’re just starting out and need some good advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We work hard to keep our prices low and our customer service high, so that you can shop with confidence when you choose us.