Invisible Male Mannequin 73401
Invisible Male Mannequin73401
£495.00 +VAT
Invisble Female Mannequin 73402
Invisble Female Mannequin73402
£495.00 +VAT
Invisible Mannequin Cropped Arms 73403
Invisible Mannequin Cropped Arms73403
£79.95 +VAT
Invisible Mannequin Pair Of Feet 73404
Invisible Mannequin Pair Of Feet73404
£49.95 +VAT
Invisible Mannequin Neck Cap 73405
Invisible Mannequin Neck Cap73405
£34.95 +VAT
Invisible Mannequin Wall Fitting 73406
Invisible Mannequin Wall Fitting73406
£29.95 +VAT
Online retailers face an interesting problem when displaying clothes on their website. Even the very best professional model is unable to show every angle of an item, which is why ghost mannequin photography has become so popular. Using an invisible mannequin allows you to show the clothing in the way it would be worn, with a little bit of clever editing giving the effect of no mannequins at all!

If you think this style of photography would work for your online store, we have the perfect ghost mannequin for sale for you.

Create invisible mannequin photography that sells clothes!

At Valentino’s Displays you are sure to find the invisible mannequin for sale that works for you. When it comes to showing your fashion range in the best light, our invisible male mannequins and invisible female mannequins offer neutral and interesting options.

Standing tall at 146cm, our invisible mannequins have a variety of features that make them a photographers’ dream! Each invisible ghost mannequin for sale has been made with black flocked soft polystyrene foam, with a removeable neck that is particularly useful when shooting t-shirts. Your packshot mannequin comes with a single wall fitting and extra body parts are available separately. These allow you to showcase accessories such as shoes, jewellery, hats and scarves with the same amazing effects.

Why buy your ghost mannequin UK with us?

We really are the best choice when it comes to purchasing your packshot ghost mannequin. We have built up an excellent reputation for quality and value, priding ourselves on being a retail display company that really cares about your business. When it comes to getting those perfect mannequin ghost packshot images you need for your menswear or womenswear, you will want to invest in a business that will help you every step of the way.

  • The best quality ghost mannequins UK: Made of the very best materials, you can buy ghost mannequin parts that will last season after season, making them perfect for high fashion photography.
  • Clever craftmanship: Removeable parts allows you to get creative with your packshot mannequin photography. Our ghost mannequins have been designed to ensure you are able to get a shot from every single angle, so you can create the perfect shape for your online shop display.
  • Fantastic prices: We believe we have the cheapest mannequins for sale UK which is why it is great to know you are also getting a well-made product. All our store display supplies have been made to the very highest standards and then priced as fairly as possible. The more you buy, the bigger the discount!
  • Amazing service team: Any questions? Any comments? Or anything you need that you can’t see on our website? Give us a call and we will do our very best to solve your issues.

Come to Valentino’s for your ghost mannequin for sale UK

Create amazing mannequin packshot photos with our wide range of shop display mannequin models. Each packshot ghost has been carefully crafted with photography in mind, with cropped arms designs for short sleeves and removeable necks for t-shirts. We have created the ultimate display mannequin for clothing that ensures you are in control of how your wares are portrayed.

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