Male Ghost Packshot Mannequin 75622
Male Ghost Packshot Mannequin75622
£459.95 +VAT
When selecting a ghost mannequin for your menswear collection, you need something that is high quality and well-priced, while giving you all the features you need to create the very best invisible mannequin photography. Our range provides you with the perfect male ghost mannequin for sale, showing your clothing in the best possible light in all your product photography.

The very best invisible male mannequins

Ideal for online retailers, ghost mannequin photography allows you to take photos from every angle by removing parts of your invisible mannequin and then editing the pictures to create a neutral, fitted image. These pictures are the best way to showcase your wares, so that customers can get a good idea of how they might look when they wear them.

A great selection of male ghost mannequins UK

Take a look at our online store display supplies and you are sure to find your ideal invisible mannequin for sale. The next generation of invisible mannequins are here introducing our sectional, magnetic and symmetrical ghost mannequins. Known within the industry as a photography mannequin or as a packshot mannequin. Valentino's Displays vast selection of ghost mannequins are the fastest way in creating a ghost effect when showing off garments as if they are being worn on the body suspended in thin air.

Creative fashion photography with Valentino's shop display mannequins

Our male form comes with strong magnetic joints allowing ease of use when assembling. Built to withstand regular dressing and undressing these robust fibreglass ghost mannequin forms have multiple necklines and feature t-shirt arms, full-length arms, no hands or feet and a higher than usual waistline for displaying trousers. Includes a strong steel base for stability. The overall effect is incredibly professional and alluring, helping to encourage impulse sales and return customers.

Mannequin ghost packshot pictures are becoming more and more popular with retailers as they offer a cost-effective way to showcase a fashion range, even in uncertain times. As your premier online retail display company, we want your business to be ready for every eventuality!

Use an invisible ghost mannequin for sale to sell clothes online

Just like you, we are an online business, so we know the importance of good photography and creating effects that will sell. That is why we are so proud of our invisible mannequins, believing them to be the best tool in your online shop display. We also offer:

  • A Packshot Ghost Mannequin that Will Last: Season after season, through hundreds of clothing changes and flashlights, your ghost mannequin UK will still be there for you, making your items look good while staying firmly hidden.
  • Superb Construction: When you buy ghost mannequin models, you are sure to be impressed with the incredible design and high-quality materials used. We work hard to create the best ghost mannequins money can buy, so you can invest with confidence.
  • The Cheapest Mannequins for Sale UK: Despite the amazing quality of these items, we are sure to never overprice any of our mannequin packshot models. We don’t believe there is another retailer that offers the same value for money that we do.
  • The Best Customer Service Team: Choose a ghost mannequin for sale UK that comes with a ready-made retail family! Our customer service team is always on hand to answer any questions or help you with your purchase.

We also offer a range of packshot ghost mannequins for womenswear that matches our male display mannequin for clothing when it comes to quality and design.

Get the most amazing packshot mannequin photography shots

At Valentino’s Displays we are incredibly proud of our shop display mannequin selection. Available in all different shapes, sizes, genders and styles, there really is something for every occasion. Our male ghost mannequins are made to the highest quality standards, with features for the photographer at every step of the shooting process.

A retail display company giving wholesale discounts

We offer free delivery on orders over £100 and wholesale discounts so that you can enjoy fantastic quality for less. If you have any questions, or have custom specifications, please contact us via phone or email and our amazing customer service team will be sure to help.