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Male Mannequins For Sale

Male Mannequins

Valentino’s is proud to offer one of the UK’s most extensive collections of male mannequins. We stock only the most exceptional quality display products for use in a contemporary retail setting – just the thing to bring your merchandise and your store as a whole a welcome new visual dynamic. Our comprehensive range of male mannequins incorporates a collection of high-end abstract mannequins, sculptured hair mannequins, headless mannequins, articulated mannequins and many more besides. Available in a wide variety of materials, poses and specifications, our collection also extends to female mannequins, child mannequins and more.

We’re also more than happy to discuss any custom orders or requirements you may have in order to obtain the ideal products to suit your store. If you cannot find what you are looking for among our collection, get in touch with our customer care team to discuss placing a custom order.

Shop mannequins are typically used in shop windows as window mannequins or they are used through retail establishments displaying the latest fashion garments. Retailers use mannequins to promote clothes & fashion accessories for sale within that particular store so a mannequin or mannequins catches the attention of that customer and leads to impulse purchasing.

Male mannequins, female mannequins & child mannequins are an integral part of a retail shop floor. Life size display forms allows a particular customer the opportunity to understand what that garment would look like on them. Customers will then usually either try the fashion item on for themselves or purchase the product. Depending on the cost of your clothes you are selling you may only need to sell one item for what it’s cost you to purchase the mannequin. Therefore mannequins are a vital piece of shop equipment for your shop floor.