There is an extensive range of medium duty warehouse shelving & warehouse racking from us which is ideal if you are looking for low cost shelving systems with superior quality and ease of assembly, will suit any application. The medium duty bays come with a smooth, hard wearing paint finish and strong upright beam profiles.

Our new clicka 265kg steel shelving system is simple to erect yet has all the strength you are likely to need from your shelving. Made in Europe and tested to the highest standards, the bays come with MDF decking which offers a smooth and hard wearing finish, strong upright and beam profiles, all with a high quality paint finish. No tools are needed and with the average time to assemble a bay being just 10 minutes, you will be amazed how easy it is to create massive storage areas. It is also very versatile steel shelving with a range of sizes to suit any size of space or product to be stored, which makes it ideal for home, garage, office or storerooms.