High quality garments deserve high-quality padded clothes hangers. And even budget items can be made to look more special with the right hanger to lift them up. If you want to kit your store out in wallet-friendly fittings that make your boutique look a little more high-end, then padded hangers are a fantastic place to start.

A wide range of padded clothes hangers for sale

These beautiful satin padded hangers are ideally suited to high-quality clothing for ladieswear and are used by multiple retailers for bridesmaids and weddings dresses, nightwear and lingerie. Supplied in various colours including ivory, cream, pink and black satin material, they are available in many other styles, sizes and colours to order. Our satin padded coat hangers include the choice of shoulder beads.

With so many options, it can be difficult to know where to start. So, here’s a breakdown of the different luxury padded hangers we have and when each one might be most appropriate.

We sell classic padded coat hangers

  1. Even distribution of weight: The main benefit of classic padded coat hangers is that the weight of the garment is better distributed across the hanger, ensuring an even hang. While this might not seem an obvious benefit at first, over time this will stop gravity taking a preference to one side of your garment than another, so you won’t have an uneven item. It also helps prevent creasing and keeps your wardrobe looking neat and tidy.
  2. Gentle on delicates: If you want to show off more delicate items like underwear or vintage clothing, you need to prevent the garment from rubbing on the hanger, causing wear over time. Fabric padded hangers are much gentler on clothing than wood, plastic or any other material, so the risk of damage is far less.
  3. No risk of snagging: The smooth surface of padded hangers means there is far less chance of your garments getting caught on a splinter or other jagged part of the hangers, so you won’t get annoying holes in your clothes.
  4. They look lovely: There’s no denying it. Padded hangers just look better. Whether that’s on the shop floor, in a wardrobe or any other place you might need to hang clothing, they present a much lovelier aesthetic that will draw people to your store and make you smile when you go to get dressed in the morning.

Superb range of padded clip coat hangers

  • Great for sets: Keep your bra and knicker sets together in the most beautiful way with fabric padded hangers complete with clips. Hang your bra on the padded section, letting the fabric keep it in place and preventing damage to those delicate straps, and then clip your knickers below, showing them off to their full potential. This is a great way to sell sets and keep them from being muddled up by customers.
  • Multi-purpose: Who doesn’t love a multipurpose hanger? These ones can be used for dresses or shorts; skirts or T–shirts – almost every garment type can fit on these hangers, making the possibilities for display endless.
  • They look inviting: The padded nature of the design and the delicate silky fabric means these are hangers that people want in their wardrobes. And by extension, they’ll want the clothes that hang from them.

We offer luxury padded frill coat hangers

  • The luxury look: If you are trying to promote an exclusive, expensive lifestyle with your brand, these satin padded hangers are going to be integral to your shop aesthetics. They really give your store a more bouji appeal, attracting customers who appreciate the finer things in life.
  • For heavier items: Our double frill coat hangers are ideal for heavier items like thick winter coats, prom dresses and the like. They are less likely to break under pressure and keep the tone of your more expensive pieces.

Choose satin padded hangers with shoulder beads

  • Stops slipping: Padded hangers with shoulder beads are just what you need for items with thinner straps that are prone to slipping off the hanger. Place the strap on the inside of the shoulder bead and you’ll keep the garment secure so it can hang safely until next time.
  • Best for ladieswear: These cloth padded hangers look beautiful, adding to the appeal of the item hanging from them. You’ll give your whole store an aesthetic uplift with these luxury padded hangers, while ensuring your items hang in the best possible way.

Why our padded clothes hangers are the best

  1. Durable and well-made – you won’t find quality like this for the same price anywhere else!
  2. Fantastic prices – our prices are low anyway, but if you buy in bulk, you can save even more!
  3. Huge range of options - our hangers come in different colours and styles, so there’s sure to be something to suit your needs. But if not, get in touch and we’ll source what you require.
  4. Help at the touch of a button – still not sure which fabric padded hangers you need? Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll match you with the perfect ones.

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