Personalised Hangers for Boxer Inc

Printed Hanger Logo - Boxer Inc

When a fledgling business in Brunei hears that you’re the expert in custom wooden hangers UK businesses can trust, why shouldn’t they order from you? We were thrilled to receive this order from Darussalam based business, Boxer Inc, to supply printed hangers; here’s how we got on.

Our client

Suppling a range of clothing and apparel in the South East Asian region, Boxer Inc are a high-quality brand with a unique style. Relatively new to the fashion industry, the company is investing in making their brand stand out from the crowd, and improving visual merchandising through better brand recognition.

Our customer’s goal

As part of their strategy to boost brand recognition, Boxer Inc asked us to create a range of branded logo hangers for their retail premises in Darussalam, Brunei. They needed a solution that was versatile enough to accommodate all their various garments, and asked for a fair and friendly shipping quote to deliver their hangers to their Borneo based headquarters.

Our approach

We knew that these personalized hanger items had to stand the test of time for our client, so picked a high quality, white wooden hanger as our base product. They needed to be able to hang a variety of items in their stores, so we designed two different models of printed wood hangers, supplying 100 of each, to give the customer a versatile solution for all their garments.

Developing these customized hangers with logo printing required meticulous attention to detail. Using a black logo, supplied by the client, we had to ensure there was no ink bleed onto the clean white hanger, and that the printing would be colourfast, so as not to contaminate their garments.

We used a specialised PAD printing process to transfer the 2d logo onto the 3d surface of the bespoke coat hanger. We checked every individual item for quality, to ensure everything was perfect, and prepared their printed clothes hangers for international shipping. We used a fast, yet budget friendly, shipping service, ensuring that their order arrived on time and within budget as agreed.

The end results

We think you’ll agree with us that these printed clothes hangers really look the business. The clean white of the bespoke coat hanger really brings the sharp, black logo out well, resulting in an eye catching visual marketing display for any retail premises. Our client was very impressed, not only with the finish of their printed wood hangers, but also with the speed and ease of our delivery to their HQ in Brunei.

If you’re in the market for a personalized hanger product for your retail store, trade show or display, we’re here to help. We can supply branded logo hangers in wood or plastic, using colours and styles of your choice. We can even engrave our customized hangers with logo, for a completely unique, high-end look. Don’t waste time looking for custom wooden hangers UK wide; just call Valentino’s Displays today for a free, expert quotation that’s right for your needs.