Plus Size Male Mannequin, Sculpted Hair (White Matt/Natural) 78101
Plus Size Male Mannequin, Sculpted Hair (White Matt/Natural)78101
£695.00 +VAT
Plus Size Male Mannequin, Headless (White Matt) 78102
Plus Size Male Mannequin, Headless (White Matt)78102
£575.00 +VAT
Plus Size Male Mannequin 78103
Plus Size Male Mannequin78103
£450.00 +VAT
Not every man fits the chiselled, lean image portrayed by most retail mannequins, but large size wearers make up a huge proportion of shoppers so it would be silly to ignore their needs. Our larger mannequins provide a more relatable way to display your clothing and apparel, giving your customers style ideas and showing them that they can look fashionable no matter what size they are.

Choose a plus size mannequin torso to display your clothing at its best

Choose a plus size mannequin for sale that will help to promote a sense of inclusivity, showing people that they are welcome in your store and that you will cater for their needs.

The very best plus size dress form UK manufacturers

Manufacturing a plus size mannequin that best suits your retail needs is a role we take great pride in. Each and every product is created with the utmost care, so that we can be confident we are providing you with a high-quality plus size mannequin dress form that will give you many years of service. There are a number of reasons why our mannequins are the best:

  • Realistic proportions: Our large size mannequins have fuller figures than the traditional fashion mannequins, so that your plus size clothing is able to be displayed at its very best. Our mannequins are made to proportions that best reflect a realistic body type, allowing your customers to get a real feel of how the clothing might look when they wear it. This offers you the opportunity to show your shoppers some potential styles that will best suit their body shape – potentially increasing your sales.
  • High Quality Production: Every plus size male mannequin has been crafted to the highest standard, using strong, durable fibreglass material. This is our material of choice thanks to its lightweight yet tough properties, making it ideal for retail situations. It is also very easy for us to work with, allowing us to mould our plus size models into all manner of shapes and styles, in order to create mannequins you’ll love.
  • Bases for Security: Every one of our fibreglass models have been placed on a firm base, so that you can be confident that these lightweight forms will stand tall and proud in areas of high traffic. This reduces the risk of accidental damage to either you or your customers.
  • Choice of Features: Choose a plus size male mannequin that has realistic facial features, complete with sculpted hair and a full face of make-up. Alternatively, you can choose a mannequin with no facial features at all, or even one without a head. Mannequins with a head are made to be ready for wigs to be attached, so you can customise your model how you like.

Buy plus size models UK customers will love

At Valentino Display’s we are pleased to be able to supply your business with a mannequin plus size shoppers can aspire to. It is always useful to be able to see the clothes on a human form, offering a significant marketing opportunity for your wares at a very reasonable price. These male mannequins have been built to last, so that they can serve you as your business continues to grow and grow.

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