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Silver A-Boards

Silver A-Boards For Sale

Our silver A-boards by Valentino’s Displays are awonderful contemporary option for your pavementsignage. Some of the most popular A-boardsfor sale on our online shop, these metallic finished frames offer a sleekand modern addition to your existing set of shop fittings and equipment. Ifyour branding is modern, clean and monochromatic then these silver A-boardsoffer everything you need in a sign that’s both practical and fits in perfectlywith your existing displays.

With the ability to easily unlock and open the secureframe, you can easily change your own printed posters and adverts as often asyou need to. Included with these signs is a protective acetate sheet thatprevents damage and wear to your posters, plus the frame itself is backed withgalvanised steel to offer maximum support. Suitable for displaying A0, A1 andA2 posters, Valentino’s silver A-boards are the ideal choice for contemporaryand effective advertising inside or outside your shop, office or restaurant.