Silver Key Lock Frame A4 92052
Silver Key Lock Frame A492052
£49.95 +VAT
Silver Key Lock Frame A3 92053
Silver Key Lock Frame A392053
£54.95 +VAT
Silver Key Lock Frame A2 92054
Silver Key Lock Frame A292054
£63.95 +VAT
Silver Key Lock Frame 30x20 92055
Silver Key Lock Frame 30x2092055
£84.95 +VAT
Silver Key Lock Frame A1 92056
Silver Key Lock Frame A192056
£89.95 +VAT
Silver Key Lock Frame 40x30 92057
Silver Key Lock Frame 40x3092057
£109.95 +VAT
Silver Key Lock Frame A0 92058
Silver Key Lock Frame A092058
£119.95 +VAT
Silver Key Lock Frame 60x40 92059
Silver Key Lock Frame 60x4092059
£159.95 +VAT
Our range of key locking poster display case systems have been designed to offer a secure, elegant solution to all your internal and external display needs. This 45mm wide lockable document case has been manufactured from high quality silver anodised aluminium, extruded for maximum strength and durability.

Fitted with high performance waterproof seals, our document display cases can be wall mounted both indoors and outside with no risk to your media. The 2mm strong plastic glazing ensures your display will look its best whilst still being protected from tampering and vandalism. Whether you need a simple, small door poster frame or a larger poster display case, we’ve got just the product for you.

Thinking about cheap poster frames?

We’re all running on a budget, and you might think that our cheap poster frames must be lacking in quality to be priced so low. However, you can rest assured that when it comes to our products, we don’t scrimp on quality. All our poster display case systems can be relied upon to deliver:

  • High security: With a strong key lock, your display will be vandal resistant
  • Durability: Manufactured from extruded aluminium to last and last
  • Elegance: Designed to look the part, the anodised silver finish is timelessly stylish
  • Flexibility: Display your media in either portrait or landscape mode to suit

As you can see, our cheap poster frames are simply bursting with features to make your displays look amazing. Whether you need a compact A4 poster frame, a more generous A3 poster frame or something even bigger, we’ve got the right size for you. If you’re not sure which size you need, simply contact our expert team to get tailored advice on your choice.

What will you use our A4 poster frame for?

When it comes to document display cases wall mounted displays make it easy to capture attention and deliver your message effectively. Health and safety notices, important memos and point of sale information can be eye-catchingly displayed in your A4 poster frame wherever you need it to be. Our A4 and A3 poster frame sizes are ideal for use as bulletin boards, as menu display areas or even for use in educational establishments for notices and timetables. Whatever you want to use your A4 or A3 poster frame for, we can supply the ideal product.

Safely display hard to replace media

Some items need to be displayed, but would cause something of a headache if they were to become lost or damaged. Things like qualifications, certificates and even costly artwork needs to be protected from damage whilst also being visible in your office or business. In this situation, a lockable document case is the perfect solution.

Because our poster display case products are highly secure and waterproof, you can rely on them to protect your important documents effectively. Placing and retrieving your media is simple too; with our door poster frame, you can simply place, lock and go. Order one of our door poster frame products today and see the quality finish for yourself.