Ultimate A4 Poster Case 96200
Ultimate A4 Poster Case96200
£119.95 +VAT
Ultimate A3 Poster Case 96201
Ultimate A3 Poster Case96201
£134.95 +VAT
Ultimate A2 Poster Case 96202
Ultimate A2 Poster Case96202
£164.95 +VAT
Ultimate B2 Poster Case 96203
Ultimate B2 Poster Case96203
£184.95 +VAT
Ultimate 30x20 Poster Case 96204
Ultimate 30x20 Poster Case96204
£198.95 +VAT
Ultimate A1 Poster Case 96205
Ultimate A1 Poster Case96205
£219.95 +VAT
Ultimate B1 Poster Case 96206
Ultimate B1 Poster Case96206
£249.95 +VAT
Ultimate 40x30 Poster Case 96207
Ultimate 40x30 Poster Case96207
£269.95 +VAT
Ultimate A0 Poster Case 96208
Ultimate A0 Poster Case96208
£299.95 +VAT
Ultimate B0 Poster Case 96209
Ultimate B0 Poster Case96209
£369.95 +VAT
Ultimate 60x40 Poster Case 96210
Ultimate 60x40 Poster Case96210
£389.95 +VAT
Setting up an eye-catching poster display is a great way to draw attention to your product, event or business. With carefully designed media, you can promote whatever you need to in a secure, non-invasive but effective manner. How often do you read the signs on the bus stops? More often than you think, no doubt, and with our poster frames a cheap and effective method of advertising is yours for the taking.

We supply only the best in poster display equipment, and our Ultimate range is the best of the best. These outdoor display signs can be used in all weathers and locations, keeping your carefully designed media safe and secure. The slanted surround means you’ll achieve a perfectly flush finish every time, and with 12 powder coated finishes to choose from, finding a colour to complement your brand or media is super easy too.

Cheap poster frames for UK businesses and community

Sometimes having outdoor display signs is better than just focussing on your business’ interior. By placing your menu, price list or product specifications outside the premises, you can communicate and market to your local audience, in a low-pressure manner. They don’t need to step inside, nobody needs to feel awkward; they can simply gather the information they need about your products and service in a relaxed, zero stress way.

We’ve also seen how good cheap poster frames for UK communities can be too. With community groups, such as toddler groups, church groups and social clubs, it’s not always easy to find out what’s on and when. With our cheap poster frames for UK community groups, you can post up any events that are taking place, as well as details on meetings, contact numbers and more, in a position where everyone can see it, even when the building is closed.

Is buying poster frames cheap a good idea?

Buying poster frames cheap might seem like a false economy. You would be forgiven for thinking that when it comes to poster frames cheap probably equals low quality. Well, let us surprise you with our amazing value for money frames, all of which come with the same high specification and desirable features, such as:

•    Tamper resistant fixings, to keep your frame and materials safe
•    Super weatherproofing, to keep out the damp
•    Completely removable doors, for easy placement of materials
•    2mm strong plastic glazing, for safety and a clear view
•    11 off the shelf stock sizes, to suit all applications
•    12 powder coated colours, letting you be as unique as you please
•    Flat back profile, for flush wall fitting
•    Flexible mounting, to give you either a portrait or landscape display

When you are looking at some of the cheapest poster frames in the UK, and yet they are still packed with all the best features, you’ve got to feel confident that these outdoor display signs are offering truly great value for money.

If you’re still not sure, why not take one of our outdoor display signs for a trial run? You can keep your item for inspection for up to 14 days after delivery, and if you don’t think it’s right for you, simply return it for a full refund, no questions asked. Ask us about our 14 day no quibble returns policy to find out more.

Valentino's - Delivering poster frames UK wide

All our poster frames are in stock and ready to go. We deliver poster frames UK wide, and have a courier network already in place to get your products to you quickly and easily. We offer our customers a choice of delivery services, depending on how urgent their order might be, and strive to give amazing value for money in this respect too.

And we don’t just deliver our poster frames UK wide; in fact, we can deliver our products all over the world. Whether you’re just up the road or on the other side of the globe, we can export our items to you quickly and securely for a competitively priced rate of carriage. Talk to us to find out more, and get your poster frames cheap and fast.