3ft White Gloss Clothes Rack 20082
3ft White Gloss Clothes Rack20082
£60.00 +VAT
4ft White Gloss Clothes Rack 20083
4ft White Gloss Clothes Rack20083
£65.00 +VAT
5ft White Gloss Clothes Rack 20084
5ft White Gloss Clothes Rack20084
£70.00 +VAT
6ft White Gloss Clothes Rack 20085
6ft White Gloss Clothes Rack20085
£75.00 +VAT
3ft White Matt Clothes Rack 20086
3ft White Matt Clothes Rack20086
£75.00 +VAT
4ft White Matt Clothes Rack 20087
4ft White Matt Clothes Rack20087
£80.00 +VAT
5ft White Matt Clothes Rack 20088
5ft White Matt Clothes Rack20088
£85.00 +VAT
6ft White Matt Clothes Rack 20089
6ft White Matt Clothes Rack20089
£90.00 +VAT
White might be simple, but it is also striking, making it ideal for our heavy-duty rails. These metal clothes racks will catch the eye of passers-by, encouraging them to stop and take a look at the beautiful garments you have on display. Bright, bold white also complements most other colours and styles, attracting attention without distracting from the clothing.

The widest variety of white clothes racks

You know you are buying a great quality item when it comes from us, the premier shopping destination for your retail supplies. That is why it is such great news that we stock one of the most essential items for clothing retailers – high quality hanging clothes storage! Clothes placed on shelving or tables are much more difficult for customers to browse, which is why you need a heavy-duty clothes rail that displays the clothes at their best.

Valentino’s Displays has wardrobe racks for sale!


It is important to get an industrial clothes rail that works for you. Like the variety of racks we have on offer at Valentino’s Displays, they should:

  • Last a long time: Our clothes rails have been made with tough, durable metal to ensure they are able to serve your business for many years.
  • Give your clothes space to shine:  We have clothing racks for sale in a range of different widths. The wider ones are ideal for bulkier items such as coats or prom dresses, as they allow for a greater circulation of air around each piece. However, our narrower rails are wonderful for more delicate garments.
  • Take different needs into account: The different width sizes of our portable garment rack is not just for different styles of clothing. They also allow you to make the best use of your floor space, so you can use in the exact number of rails that will fit in your store, without creating empty, useless gaps.
  • Complement your store style: We think our white clothes hanging rail systems look great in any store. Gloss is a lovely choice for modern interiors, while matt looks fantastic in traditional settings. If white is not your colour, don’t panic – we have a huge variety of free-standing clothes rails that may work better for you.
  • Offer superb value for money: We want your business to thrive, which is why we price our items as competitively as possible. The prices might be low, but the quality is high, so you can spend less time worrying about your retail clothing racks and more time designing new looks!

The best range of commercial clothing racks

We have a special affinity with our white clothing rails. They are sleek, sophisticated and look amazing when laden with clothing. Our standard height for all racks for shops is 5ft, as this allows most customers to view the products without stretching or crouching and gives the clothes plenty of room to hang. However, our widths range from 3ft to 6ft, so you can choose the width that best suits your specific needs.

Come to Valentino’s for your coat stands and clothes hanging rails

Our retail display racks are already offered at a fantastic price, but it is worth remembering that we offer wholesale discounts and free delivery on orders over £100! So, get all your clothing rails in one go to appreciate the very best value for money! If you can’t see exactly what you need on our website, or you need a little more help in making a purchase decision, please contact us. We can be reached by phone or email and we love to answer your questions and create bespoke designs. Order a white clothes rail today!