Wooden Mannequin Head 77331
Wooden Mannequin Head77331
£399.95 +VAT
Wooden Display Head 77332
Wooden Display Head77332
£399.95 +VAT
Our beautiful wooden mannequin heads are the perfect choice to create an eye-catching shop display. Even if you have the space for a full body mannequin, these wooden heads give you the opportunity to display hats, glasses, scarves, and accessories with a more centralized focus that ensures the spotlight is on them.

Solid wooden mannequin head for shop floor display

With a strong, durable design created from natural solid wood, our versatile wooden head hat display is sturdy enough to hold heavier styles such as motorbike and cycling helmets. Use your wooden display head to demonstrate how these larger items would look when worn with goggles, scarves and masks, so shoppers can see how they would look cool while travelling.

Use a wooden mannequin head to create an eye-catching shop display

All our wooden head forms come in a choice of light or dark wood finish, allowing you to match the head form’s tone with your products to really make the most of your display. Bright, light shades will really stand out against the darker wood, while strong, bold colours will pop against the lighter tones.

Our wooden heads are perfect to display accessories such as hats and glasses and you could even use our wooden mannequin heads to show off scarves and necklaces, as they include a long, elegant neck as well as the head. Other features of our wooden head display include:

  • Natural weighting: Made with real solid wood, this wooden mannequin head for display is naturally heavy, helping it to stand strong and firm in areas of high traffic.
  • Robust design: The quality of the wood ensures your wooden head display can withstand the odd knock or bump without affecting your presentation.
  • Wide choice: As always, we like to cover all possible situations, which is why our mannequin head is available in different types of wood. If you can’t see your preferred choice for your wooden display head, simply contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

A smart way to improve your visual merchandising

Wooden head forms are ideal to draw the attention of passers-by to your window display and allow you to make the most of your space by clearly presenting your products to the customer. Of course, a wooden head takes up less space than a full body mannequin, so if you have limited room, a wooden head will help you make the most of it.

Enhance your mannequin head wood display by placing it in a shop window where it can be seen by the majority of passers-by. Our model head is also ideal for sitting on counter-tops or shelves, keeping it up off of the shop floor where it could potentially get damaged by less vigilant customers.

A wooden mannequin head can also help add a touch of class to your shop floor display, highlighting the quality of the accessories on offer and ensuring your customers see the value in your products. Place the wooden heads within your accessories display to attract your customers to this part of your retail space.

Valentino’s Display is number one for shop fittings for your retail display

If you like the quality of our wooden heads but feel a colourful or translucent display head will be more suitable for your products, we also have glass display heads available.

We offer a no quibble, 14-day money back guarantee, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Click into the products above to look at them in more detail and make the decision to show your products at their best. Buy head forms for display from Valentino's Displays and when you spend over £100.00 on any online order you'll receive FAST FREE delivery! Create a shop window display that passers-by simply can’t ignore!