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Baby Mannequin, Child and Teenager Mannequins For Sale

Baby, Child and Teenager Mannequins

Valentinoís is a specialist supplier of clothes mannequins ideal for visual merchandising shop window displays within retail stores. Whether you are looking for male mannequins, female mannequins or child mannequins Valentino's has an extensive shop mannequin range for you. Shop mannequins are an important product range for us therefore our mannequin for sale range is extensive to offer our customers choice when it comes to colours, poses and sizes.

Valentino's offers a range of child & teen mannequins with realistic body shape and proportion with good muscle definition. Good quality commercial fibreglass mannequins to give durability over time. Retail quality sculpted hair mannequins, abstract mannequins without facial features or headless child mannequins that are ideal for the retail environment. Perfect for merchandising on and look great in shop window displays.

Valentino's are able to offer bespoke mannequin postures and colours to meet your display requirements. Standard colours tend to be white, fleshtone, black or silver however we are able to respray mannequins any colours you wish, just contact us for more information. We will not let you down and have manufactured a large range of window displays to suit our clientís mannequin requirements.

The majority of our shop mannequins are also eligible for free UK delivery with discounts available if you are looking to purchase multiple mannequins.
Competitively priced our shop mannequins will be a great addition for your shop floor.