22x30 Print Sleeves (15) 89034
22x30 Print Sleeves (15)89034
£209.25 +VAT
22x30 Print Sleeves (20) 89035
22x30 Print Sleeves (20)89035
£270.00 +VAT
22x30 Print Sleeves (25) 89036
22x30 Print Sleeves (25)89036
£323.75 +VAT
Our plastic poster sleeve products are some of the bestselling items on our website. From poster retailers to art students, our customers love the high quality of our art sleeves and the affordable pricing too. We’ve worked hard to produce poster protectors worthy of your investment, so if you need to buy clear sleeves for art prints, these are the products for you.

Affordable art sleeves manufactured to archival quality

All our art sleeves are designed to archival quality. That means these products are all acid free, pH neutral, and safe for storing your art prints, no matter how fragile. These poster protectors use specialist 125-micron film which offers the perfect clear view of the art inside, and is guaranteed not to go cloudy over time.

Our plastic poster sleeve products are all free from harmful plasticisers; additives designed to give flexibility to plastic based materials. Over time, these plasticisers can start to break down, causing plastic poster sleeves to become brittle, yellow and damaged. In the process, a harmful acid is produced, which can discolour or damage the artwork inside.

By sticking to archival standards with our poster protectors, we have ensured that you can be confident in the ability of our art sleeves to protect your prints, posters and photographs. Why shouldn’t your investment in art be adequately protected? With our affordable art sleeves, it can.

How to buy clear sleeves for art prints from us

If you’re ready to buy clear sleeves for art prints for your business, the ordering process is super simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your style: We offer our plastic poster sleeve products in either regular or premium options. Premium have either gold or silver metal corners, and use a slightly superior transparent film, ideal for retailers who sell posters and prints in their stores. However, if you’re on a budget then our regular poster protectors are perfectly adequate too.
  2. Choose your size: All our poster protectors come in a range of sizes to suit your needs. These 22 x 30 regular print sleeves are one of our most popular sizes, but if it’s not right for you, do talk to us and we’ll be happy to help.
  3. Choose your quantity: Our regular art sleeves come in boxes of either 15, 20 or 25, and each sleeve offers space for two posters to be displayed back to back.

Once you’ve decided which poster protectors suit your needs the best, simply place your order and we’ll do the rest. If you have any questions or would just like to talk things through before you buy clear sleeves for art prints, simply pick up the phone and our expert team will be on hand to help.

Why choose us for your poster protectors?

Here at Valentino’s Displays, we manufacture all our own plastic poster sleeve products right here in the UK. That means that if you’re looking to buy clear sleeves for art prints, you can be sure of some good old British quality when you shop with us, and won’t have to wait for your items to arrive from China either.

From the ground up, we work with materials that are suitably high quality for our needs, and develop products that are designed to meet the demand of our customers. This means we have one of the most comprehensive ranges of art sleeves of any supplier in the UK. Not only that, but we’re happy to create custom orders just for you too, so whatever size, shape or finish you are looking for, we can make it happen.

14 day no quibble returns on all archival print sleeves


Add all this to our exemplary customer service, 14 day no quibble returns policy and our free UK shipping for orders over £100, and we think you’ll find it hard not to shop with us! Call us today, and discover why we’re the UK’s number one supplier for all your display requirements.